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Arctic: a prize or a threat. Why is the Northern Sea Route so dangerous for the US?

Today, the fifth Arctic forum "The Arctic is the Territory of Dialogue" officially opens its work, which has become very representative this year: it even had to be moved from Arkhangelsk to St. Petersburg because of the need to receive so many guests. Arkhangelsk with such an influx could not handle trivially. Suffice it to say that the heads of the five major Arctic states play a direct role in it: Russian President Putin and Finnish President Sauli Niinistö are traditionally represented, with Icelandic President Gooduni Johannesson, Prime Minister of Norway and Sweden Erna Solberg and Stephen Leven add. By the way, Vladimir Putin sent a telegram greeting to participants and guests of the international forum yesterday (despite the fact that the forum was only opened on Tuesday, the first meetings, discussions and sessions were held at the locations on Monday, April 8) , and today it will be receiving personal participation in events.

The main topics of the fifth forum are the sustainable development of the Arctic and the improvement of the quality of life in the far north.

However, in order.

The discussion will take place at different locations and on various topics, including acutely important prospects for the development of oil and gas fields in the region, shipbuilding, infrastructure development in the far north, environmental problems and even regional exotic species such as the development of polar aviation (no , jokes: Russia is currently developing advanced equipment for the needs of regional polar aviation, including those capable of operating on unpaved aerodromes, as well as ground-based aircraft and hydropower vessels (amolety). But the most important issues in the economic and geopolitical agenda of the event will of course be the issues and prospects for the development of the Northern Sea Route.

Yamal nuclear ice breaker

March 8, 6:08 AM

The expert explained how the US is trying to scare Russia away from the Arctic

In particular, the participants in the North Sea Road Session – the key to the development of the Russian Arctic, which will be held as part of the Forum, will discuss the implementation of the Vladimir Putin's target task for the development of the Northern Sea Route, which by the way will almost certainly play a personal role in the discussion. . Freight traffic in the NSR by 2024 must be increased to 80 million tonnes, which naturally requires worldwide reflection and strategic decisions. And there is really something to discuss.

Such attention is perfectly understandable.

To make it clear: at the moment, about ten percent of all trans-Eurasian, but generally entire world, ships are shipped via a narrow bottleneck of the Suez Canal.

Turn – almost a few months in advance.

Even the construction of the so-called New Suez didn't help: well, yes, the momentum grew considerably, but it was still not possible to "embroider the streams" until the end. Everything here is easy to think about: maritime transport is by definition the cheapest and most profitable, and demand is well above supply.

And in that sense, the emergence of an alternative transport route by navigating the Northern Sea Route throughout the year is very difficult to overestimate. Moreover, there are no political risks in the north: in particular conflicts so characteristic of the Middle East, piracy in the same Gulf of Aden and many others. The route along the NSR is in fact a route for coastal navigation along the coast of the Russian nuclear superpower, partly in the exclusive territorial waters of the Russian Federation. And there it is not appropriate to be not only the notorious & # 39; Somali pirates & # 39; but also pirates much more seriously, with offices in leading Western capitals: Russia has been thinking very carefully in recent years about protecting its own territory, and it is better not to go there.

A convoy of transport vessels accompanied by ice breakers passes the Noordzeeweg

March 28, 12:22 PM

Russia is preparing new rules for foreign military courts on the North Sea Road

And it is no coincidence that our overseas partners are so sharply negative about the prospects of the NSR: the full launch would mean that they undermine the most important factor of their economic power, exercised through control of world trade through shipping logistics.

The Northern Sea Route strikes Washington's most expensive thing: its own wallet, and this Washington cannot forgive alone: ​​it has no stupid right to allow it. This is not even "Nord Stream 2", which is of course very unpleasant for one of the branches of the American economy, but certainly not deadly. Here, according to many experts, the United States can immediately lose in the system-forming issue of regulating global world trade through the banal "price issue."

As a result, Russia is already facing the project right from the first phase, when the issue of establishing container traffic through the NSR is, by definition, simply "promising" and not acute at all.

This is what Russian President Putin is talking about when, in the context of the Arctic forums, he proposes to discuss the most crucial issue of regional development: the issue of ensuring regional security. According to Putin, the Arctic should become "the territory of the world": we are willing to agree on this, ready to work together, we need it and it is important. And certainly not because we are not strong enough in the region, quite the opposite: Russian military power at high latitudes is sufficient and has no competitors.

Ice wiring by the Vaigach nuclear ice breaker from ships stuck in the ice

March 5, 7:32 PM

The United States has announced its willingness to contain Russia in the Arctic

It is just that security and conflict-free is a clear competitive advantage of the Northern Sea Route: for us, the North Pole, unlike the American partners, is a price, not an existential threat. And every conflict, even locally, is completely useless for us in this region. Here it is sufficient to quote the opinion of the current head of the Ministry of the Environment Dmitry Kobylkin: "A ruble invested in Arctic projects attracts another 15 rubles, which is a good part that few segments of the economy can produce " And those Russian projects in the Arctic that already use the possibilities of the Northern Sea Route, such as projects from the same NOVATEK – such as the current Yamal LNG and the actively developing Arctic LNG – are a very good and, very importantly, a very good example.



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