Home news Appointed to Justice promises to protect investigation of "good friend Bob Mueller"

Appointed to Justice promises to protect investigation of "good friend Bob Mueller"

Donald Trump's chosen candidate for justice, William Barr, on January 15, 2019 in the US Senate. – Jonathan Ernst / AP / SIPA

He spends his big oral in front of the Congress. Appointed by Donald Trump to replace Jeff Sessions in the Justice as Attorney General (AG), William Barr mainly had to answer the questions of the elected officials about the investigation on Russia and the campaign of Donald Trump on Tuesday. The former AG of George Bush Sr. has sworn: if confirmed, he will be "independent" against the US President and he will protect the mission of his "good friend Bob Mueller". The two men have known each other for more than 30 years.

Barr said it was "important for everyone" that the special prosecutor to establish whether there was collusion between Moscow and the Republican candidate's team in the 2016 presidential election could complete his investigation and deliver a "credible report" to remove any suspicions. "I do not believe Mr. Mueller can be involved in a witch hunt," Bill Barr said, as Donald Trump ceases to use this formula to denounce an investigation he said was "out of control" by an attorney . "I believe that Russia has interfered in the elections or tried to do so, and we must go to the end" of this investigation, he said before the Judiciary Committee of the Senate.

"Abuse of power"

Bill Barr, who had been confirmed with a strong consensus in his previous appointment to the Department of Justice, is this time in a much more tense political context.

The Democrats, mistrustful of criticisms he made in June against the Russian investigation, insisted on verifying that he was not going to try to trim the wings of the special prosecutor once he was, as a Minister of Justice, to supervise his work.

Stressing that Bill Barr was in favor of a broad reading of executive powers, Senator Dianne Feinstein asked him what he would think if "the President asked a Minister of Justice to put an end to a criminal investigation for personal reasons". It would be "an abuse of power," said Bill Barr.

And if the president granted his pardon to a protagonist of the Russian inquiry in exchange for his silence? Asked Senator Dick Durbin. "It would be a crime," said the candidate. "No one," not even the president, "can push me to do something that I think is bad," he promised again.

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