Home news Andrea Nahles: "Everyone has their right to criticize me"

Andrea Nahles: "Everyone has their right to criticize me"

SPD leader Andrea Nahles sees in the proposals for an end of Hartz IV no danger to the grand coalition. The decisions of the executive committee for a new welfare state concept have nothing to do with the work of the government, said Nahles. "That was zero topic." However, parts of the concept should still be implemented during this legislature. For example, there is a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court on the sanctions against Hartz IV recipients – depending on the outcome, a reform of the sanction system could become an issue for the coalition.

Also in the SPD were speculating about provoking one
Coalition break rejected as outlandish – it's about sharpening
of their own profile and an offer for future election campaigns.

The welfare state concept provides, among other things, Hartz IV through a
to replace new citizen money – with fewer sanctions and higher ones
Benefits for older unemployed. Who has paid long, should be up to
 three years unemployment benefit
get into social assistance instead of today after 12 or 24 months
fall. One of the plans is a higher low paid pension
 for citizens who have paid contributions for 35 years.

Hartz IV – SPD wants to reform welfare state
At a closed meeting, the SPD voted to replace Hartz IV with a citizen's allowance. With a new social state concept, the party wants to get out of the survey.

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CDU wants to talk in the coalition committee on SPD social plans

From the Union came again criticism of the SPD plans. CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak said the Social Democrats had "presented an agenda for themselves". For the CDU come before distribution "deserve and therefore we rely on economic momentum, on competitiveness and on the creation of jobs."

Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) defended the existing Hartz system. He said that he could not "play a role backwards," he told the Saarländischer Rundfunk. The CSU economic politician Hans Michelbach spoke of a "class struggle against the broad center of our country". The CDU wants to bring the social plans of the SPD in the coalition committee this Wednesday to the language.

Nahles said that the new social state concept was "first of all a positioning and clear lineup of the Social Democratic Party of Germany". She rejected concerns over the affordability of the decisions. "It is not the question, can Germany afford it, but what does Germany want to afford."

Nahles answers critics

On criticism of her predecessors Gerhard Schroeder and Sigmar Gabriel to her Nahles was brief. "Everyone has their right to criticize me," said the SPD chairman. Schröder had criticized Nahles for their sometimes flippant choice of words. "These are
Amateur error, "he told the mirror
In early February, referring to older formulations such as the
Word "Batchi". "She was not the chairman at the time," said the former Chancellor, "but that's not how you express yourself."

In December 2017, Nahles had after the failure of talks on a so-called Jamaica coalition with a possible formation of a government with
The Union said: "The SPD is needed, Batchi, I just say.
And that will be pretty expensive. Bätschi, I just say that. "Right after
Nahles had the election to the Bundestag after the last Cabinet meeting
The question of how she feels answered: "A bit wistful – and
 they'll get their hands on tomorrow. "

Gabriel questioned the grand coalition and Nahles before the board meeting Twitter accused of having blocked the then already discussed concept of a basic pension for low earners as Federal Minister of Labor. Nahles had deposed Gabriel in 2018 in the formation of a new government as Foreign Minister.


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