Andrea Leadsom and Dominic Raab compete on May succession | TIME ONLINE


Former UK House Chair Andrea Leadsom and former Brexit Minister Dominic Raab want to compete for the post of Prime Minister. This was reported by the British newspapers Mail on Sunday and Sunday Times, After the resignation of the British head of government Theresa May So far, five candidates had talked about their succession.

Leadsom had resigned a few days earlier in the dispute over the government's Brexit course as lower house chairman. Leadsom is a prominent one
Supporter of an EU exit.

Raab said that as a former Brexit minister, he had the necessary experience for the position. Brexit advocate Raab resigned from this post a year ago in protest at the draft EU exit agreement.

In front of Leadsom and Raab, ex-Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who is a favorite, was announced by incumbent Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt, Development Minister Rory Stewart, former Labor Secretary Esther McVey and Health Minister Matt Hancock.

After the first ballot, two candidates are selected

In the week of June 10, the multi-stage selection process is likely
begin. First of all, the candidate field will be filled by the deputies of the
Tory faction reduced to two people in several ballots. In
each ballot eliminates the last-placed. The two remaining must face the party base in a primary election. The
Change of leadership changes the scarce majority in the
Parliament nothing – unless there is a new election.

May had announced her resignation on Friday after
she failed again with her attempt with the
EU-negotiated Brexit Treaty through Parliament.
The party presidency wants to give May on 7 June.