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An IS shirt on an open stage – culture

  • At the Battle-Rap event "Toptier Takeover", a photographer stood on the stage wearing a T-shirt with the banner of the "Islamic State" on it.
  • "Top Animal Takeover" has nearly half a million Youtube subscribers and nearly 150 million views.
  • The scene, its media and the big record companies are silent on the incident.

The German rap scene struggles with the dark side of their success. During the Frankfurter issue of the popular Battle Rap event "Toptier Takeover", as it was only noticed last week on the basis of Youtube videos of the show, in February a photographer with a t-shirt on stage was completely unopposed large the forbidden black banner was to be seen, which use Islamistic terror organizations like al-Qaida or the "Islamic state" as logo. This is particularly bitter because "Top Animal Takeover" not only has close to half a million Youtube subscribers and almost 150 million views, but is also the follow-up event of "Rap on Wednesday". "Rap on Wednesday" was the extremely successful Battle Rap series that her inventor, the Jewish-born Berlin rapper Jonathan Kalmanovich alias Ben Salomo, gave last year, because he was the anti-Semitism that he encountered in the scene, just too much ,

In his recently published biography "Ben Salomo means son of peace", he repeatedly emphasizes that German rap is not anti-Semitic music in itself, and yet also writes that German society has a problem with the anti-Semitism propagated in the Deutschrap, "that they still have did not grasp correctly ". Although anti-Semitism in rap is only one part of the much larger problem of growing anti-Semitism in German society as a whole, music plays a "special role" in its spread because its audience is predominantly male adolescents and young adults.

Zeitgeist The Gutbürgerschreck

The Gutbürgerschreck

Slavoj Žižek, the anti-Stalin flirting with ideology and the most famous left-liberal critics of left-liberalism 70th Do we need him?By Jens-Christian Rabe

It fits that although the "Toptier Takeover" -makers responded quickly, in a video regretted the matter and clearly distanced themselves, the unpleasant topic but otherwise in the scene and his actually extremely driven, very self-confident and wide-reaching Internet media such as rap. de, Hiphop.de, Splash-mag.de, Juice.de, Backspin.de or 16bars.de did not occur at all. Nor, by the way, like Ben Solomon's book and his reproaches. Only the Youtube rap channel "Unity and Rap and Freedom", which belongs to the public youth program, also reported and commented on the photographer's written justification – who wanted to understand the T-shirt campaign as a critical guerrilla art action, but only weeks ago later explained – reasonably skeptical.

Is the Deutschrap scene infiltrated by clans made up of Arab anti-Semites?

From the outside, it looks like a whole scene and its fanboy media are trying to silently hide their biggest problem collectively. Already the helplessness with which the echo scandal over the anti-Semitic failures of the gangsta rappers Felix Blume alias Kollegah from Düsseldorf was dealt with last year seemed frighteningly naïve and passive. True to the motto: If we all do not talk about it, that resolves itself. Or is everything even more uncomfortable and worse, as Ben Salomo writes elsewhere in his book? That the "whole Deutschrap scene is completely subverted by clans that consist of Arab anti-Semites". And why are the big record companies Universal and Sony really so quiet that earn a lot of money with the German gangsta rap?

In addition to the hit German hip-hop and especially the subgenre German Gangsta Rap is now the most commercially successful pop music in the country. But with more power and influence, as the great American social theorist and super-goodman Peter Parker already knew, more responsibility comes. It's about time the scene sets.

"I am a Jewish Israeli Kanake"

The Berlin rapper Ben Salomo talks about anti-Semitism, the original meaning of hip-hop and gangster attitudes. He says, "I did not want to be a victim, I wanted respect."Interview by Verena Mayer and Thorsten Schmitz


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