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America trump hand draw

A majority of Americans voted for more control over their president, Donald Trump, during the midterm elections. The Democrats did not succeed in gaining an overwhelming victory, but achieved their main goal: to win back a majority in the House of Representatives that lost in 2010 – in the Republican Tsunami, driven by the ultraconservative movement of the Tea Parties. This new balance of forces ends two years of absolute Republican government and complicates the political agenda of the president.

Trump strove, with little success, to ignore this new reality during the press conference at the White House to assess the results. With his usual aggressive attitude towards journalists, he called & # 39; an almost complete triumph & # 39; and he refused to commit self-criticism. "Yesterday [dimarts] It was a great day, an incredible day. The Republican party challenged history by extending the majority to the Senate, "he said.

A divided result

The truth is that the judgment of the American people was divided over his president. As divided as the country. When urban America gave the Democrats a comfortable victory in the lower house, it gave rural America a strong victory to Republicans in the Senate – who recaptured at least three Democrats from Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota.

However, the good result in the upper room will not prevent the headache that causes a stronger opposition. Democrats will not only be able to block some of their star policy initiatives, such as building the wall on the Mexican border, but hopefully also opening a series of investigations into their presidency and company – who goes from their income statement to the alleged ties of their election team with Russia at the 2016 presidential election.

Trump called the unit and said he would be willing to work with the Democrats to implement laws and measures that would benefit the country as a plan to improve public infrastructure. But his good words were accompanied by two threats. When you examine it, you not only do not think about working with them, you also open up research in the upper room. "They can play this game, but we'll play better because we have the Senate."

Shortly after the president's pronouncements, Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats, who will most likely be president of the House of Representatives, also showed a conciliatory tone. He said he wanted to compromise with the president and his party. That Yes, promised that they will check Trump when necessary and with the necessary investigations.

Legislative blockade

Washington is on its way to a new phase of blocking legislation, similar to that of Barack Obama for six years, a large part of his presidency. Since 1954 the lower house has changed ownership three times, two in the last twelve years: in 2006 and 2010. This evidence shows the increase in the polarization of American politics in the past decade. And Trump, an unpopular, divisive and controversial president, has contributed to worsening the problem.

In the coming days the Democrats, the Republicans and the President will analyze the results and make the changes associated with the presidential elections of 2020. Although there are still two years left, the long race for the White House will start at the beginning of the year that come. If Trump already upset his government yesterday by demanding the resignation of his general prosecutor, Jeff Sessions, Pelosi claimed himself the best option to lead the game. On the other hand, lawmakers Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan were postulated as leaders of the new republican minority.

On the other hand, Democrats are awaiting a debate about their identity that explains the bitter-sweet victory they had in Tuesday's election for some experts. Some of their heavyweights, such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, try to solidify the curve to the left. But voters have made it clear that they want new faces to choose more women and minority candidates and religious diversity than ever before. The Democratic Party wants to attract young people and minorities, but its leaders are more than 70 years old and white.

Elections to the governor – in which they restored seven states – had to give the Democrats guidance on their future. But the defeat of progressive Andrew Gillum in Florida has left them with more questions than answers.

The American leader is forcing the resignation of his general prosecutor

The resignation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was the chronicle of an announced announcement from the moment he refused to investigate Russiagate. The US president, Donald Trump, blames the problems that the case has caused him, led by the special prosecutor and former FBI director Robert Mueller.

Trump announced the resignation of Twitter, the day after the democratic victory in the lower house during the mid-term parliamentary elections. Sessions, which according to the American media would have been enforced, are interpreted as a gesture by the president to protect themselves against investigations that the Democrats will enforce about their activities and the alleged links with their campaign with Russia. at the presidential election of 2016. It is expected that the ratification of the Session deputy will be easy thanks to the improvement of the Republican majority in the Senate. The person elected will presumably supervise Mueller's investigation and may have the same goal of keeping the public prosecutor in check or even closing the case.

When sessions left Russiagate, the number two of the Ministry of Justice, the Republican Rod Rosenstein, was responsible for overseeing the activities of Mueller. Trump was about to finish it last August, according to him New York Times. Now he will no longer be responsible, since the responsibility of the case turns to the interim replacement of Sessions, Matthew Whitaker. Sessions was the Senator of the Republican Party who supported Trump in his presidential race. The then political of Alabama shared its hard speech in immigration and against crime.

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