Alleged “caudillo” of the United Kingdom of the Abrolhos Islands $ 1 billion in drug trafficking in custody after the seizure of Geraldton


January 16, 2020 2:26:09 PM

Police believe that an alleged “drug lord” who is already in custody in the United Kingdom organized a failed network of drug trafficking worth a billion dollars, discovered when a yacht ran aground in the Abrolhos Islands of WA.

Key points:

  • WA police say they worked with UK authorities to find the man in Jersey
  • There are plans underway to extradite him from the United Kingdom to Western Australia
  • Police found drugs on Burton Island last September after a yacht hit a reef

It occurs four months after more than a ton of ecstasy, cocaine and methylamphetamine was seized after a yacht called Zero was discovered stranded on a reef near Geraldton.

The interim commissioner of the WA police, Col Blanch, told ABC Radio Perth that the 54-year-old man, whom he referred to as the “boss” of the operation, had been traced to Jersey, one of the Channel Islands from the United Kingdom, and plans were being made to file charges and extradite him to WA.

“We have already sent some police from Western Australia to Jersey and the United Kingdom and that is exactly the intention,” he said.

“We are working with the Department of the Attorney General, the Commonwealth and WA, and that documentation is in process now so we can extradite them.”

Acting Commissioner Blanch said that WA police had worked with the UK authorities to locate the man.

“We contacted the National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom and used the Canberra office here of the National Crime Agency to help us identify and find that person, and that allowed the Jersey authorities to put that person in custody. “, said. .

At least five men accused

Other arrests have already been made about the union, which was undone when a yacht allegedly carrying more than 1,000 kilograms of drugs, worth approximately $ 1 billion, hit a reef in the Abrolhos Islands in September last year.

Those responsible left the yacht, which initially triggered a rescue operation.

The search finally led two men to the police on nearby Burton Island, who, according to them, had transported the drugs there in a smaller boat.

At that time, police said 40 bags of drugs were found on the beach and attempts were made to hide them under the algae.

A French citizen and a man from the United Kingdom faced a court charged with the seizure, and a week later, three other men were arrested and charged in Perth.

An American man and a British man were arrested at the city’s CBD, while a man from New South Wales was arrested at Perth airport.

Acting Commissioner Blanch said it was believed that one of the men already arrested in WA had ties to Thailand.

“It was believed that one of the gentlemen had lived in Thailand, so we executed a search warrant in Thailand and retrieved evidence,” he said.


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