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German rescue ship "Alan Kurdi" with 65 rescued on board has to
waiting for hours in front of the Italian island of Lampedusa course
Malta taken. This was written by the aid organization Sea-Eye from Regensburg
 on twitter. Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini had strictly forbidden the ship to enter the port.

"We can not
Wait until the state of emergency breaks out, "said Sea-Eye Operations Manager
 Gorden Isler on the phone on Saturday. Without
Help from outside the situation in two to three days critical on board.
In Malta, the "Alan Kurdi" is expected to be Sunday lunchtime

"When the heads of state and government criticize the Italian
Minister of the Interior seriously, they can let us run into Malta.
There, both the rescued and the crew could land safely ",
Isler was in the message
quoted by Sea-Eye. He appealed to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) to record the rescued and on some of the
to distribute helpful German communities.

The "Alan Kurdi"
had according to own data on Friday 65 humans of a dinghy
 rescued in the Mediterranean and has since been present in international waters
 Lampedusa. An offer of the Libyan Coast Guard, the port of the city
Sawija as a "safe haven" to run, leaned the rescue ship
 from. On Saturday morning, Sea-Eye had notified Twitter, the
Italian financial police had "personally stopped by" to one
Decree of the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini to convey: "The port is

Horst Seehofer (CSU) had appealed to his Italian counterpart to arrange rescue ships – in vain. Salvini instead demanded that the ships be deprived of the German flag.

"Alex" may invest in Italy for investigation purposes

Meanwhile, people on board got the
Italian rescue ship "Alex" Permission to land in Lampedusa
, This was announced by the Italian Ministry of Interior in the evening. The
Ship with 41 from the Mediterranean Sea rescued migrants was previously opposite
 of the prohibition Salvinis in the port of the Italian Mediterranean island
, Malta was ready to accept the migrants aboard the "Alex". But the ride was too dangerous, said the NGO Mediterranea.

Salvini had initially announced that he himself would not
allow someone from the "Alex" to land. The
Decision to let people on land, now have the financial police
 met for investigation purposes. She is subordinate to that
Ministry of Economy and not Salvinis Ministry of Interior.

The relatively small motor glider is only approved for 18 people. But there were 60 people on board.

Ex-Chancellor Kurz: Do not bring saved migrants to Europe

Meanwhile, Austria's former head of government Sebastian Kurz Salvini provided backing. He thinks it's wrong,
that aid organizations bring rescued migrants to Europe, said the politician of the Austrian
People's Party (ÖVP) the World on Sunday, "They wake up
so that only false hopes and may lure it unintentionally
even more people in danger. "

"As long as the rescue is in the
 Mediterranean connected with the ticket to Central Europe make up
more and more people on the way, "said Kurz, only if Europe
Make sure anyone who makes an illegal journey is in it
Home country or returned to a transit country, that will
Drowning in the Mediterranean ends.

Short stands for a restrictive
Migration policies aimed at developing the protection of the external borders of the EU
 and stricter dealing with immigrants domestically.

 Most migrants rescued in the Mediterranean have broken away from Libya out
on the dangerous crossing in mostly crowded inflatable boats
made. In the North African state, however, human rights become
 in many cases massively injured. The World Criminal Court in The Hague
investigates alleged crimes in refugee camps. It goes
it's about killings, rape and torture. In addition, raging in Libya
armed power struggle. Only last week, 44 people died
a suspected air strike on a detention center with
African migrants.

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