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AfD loses in the electorate – Left grows

In the course of the discussion about the right-of-way the AfD loses the votes. Links also benefits from Sahra Wagenknecht & # 39; s new collection movement "Getting Up".

Against the background of the debate about a strengthening of right-wing extremism in Germany, the AfD loses its voter's favor. In the current RTL / n TV trend barometer published on Monday, it is 14 percent (2 percentage points lower than in the previous weeks). At the same time, the left side increases by 2 points to 10 percent. CDU and CSU are 31 percent (plus 1), SPD 16 (minus 1), Green 15 (minus 1) and the FDP 9 (plus 1).

A week ago, however, the AfD had earned two points under the direct impact of the events in Chemnitz. A 35-year-old had been stabbed in the Saxon city; suspected of being a Syrian and two Iraqis. Forsa boss Manfred Güllner told the media group RTL: "The AfD loses due to the formation resistance against violence from the right, the left side benefits from the media coverage of Sahra Wagenknechts new collection movement & # 39; get up & # 39 ;.

More than half of all Germans (52 percent) consider the scale of right-wing extremism in Germany and the danger of right-wing extremist violence as the most important issue – far more important than the topics of immigration, pensions and the US President Donald Trump (9 percent each). More than half (52 percent) of AfD supporters are not satisfied with the democratic system enshrined in the Constitution; Only 20 percent of other voters. The fact that the Germans have to "fight for their country", because refugees bring unrest and violence, means 59 percent of the AfD's supporters, but only 8 percent of the voters without AfD-preference.


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