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AfD-close foundation wants to enforce state funding | TIME ONLINE

The AfD-affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation wants to appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court in order to obtain state subsidies. Her "modest application for funding" of 480,000 euros for 2018 and 900,000 euros for the current year were rejected "with rather adventurous reasons", criticized the foundation chairman and former CDU deputy Erika Steinbach. The sums were mainly calculated from training costs
 for the volunteer foundation staff, said Steinbach.

According to a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court in 1986, all lasting, significant political currents should be given due consideration when promoting political foundations. This meets the AFD which is represented in the European Parliament, in the Bundestag and in all 16 Landtag. By contrast, for example, the Greens would sit only in 14 state parliaments, the FDP and the Left only in ten parliaments. Their foundations would be encouraged.

The affiliated foundations received grants from the federal budget, they were last year at almost 600 million euros. From this, the organizations finance political education work, the promotion of science and the
Granting of scholarships. Funded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
(CDU), Friedrich Ebert Foundation (SPD), Friedrich Naumann Foundation
(FDP), Hanns Seidel Foundation (CSU), Heinrich Böll Foundation (Greens) and
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Left).

So far, party must be drafted twice in Bundestag

About the
Distribution of funds and the foundations considered decides
the Bundestag in the context of budgetary discussions. He is oriented
follow the guidelines of a "Joint Statement" of the established ones
political foundations of 1998. Accordingly, a minimum requirement
for a donation that the corresponding party "repeats" in the
Bundestag is represented. This is not the case with the AfD.

Steinbach complained, with the current system
 become "in a completely opaque procedure" about the award
"huge financial sums" decided on funding for the foundations. Foundation lawyer Ulrich Vosgerau announced a legal "double hit": In addition to the
 Constitutional complaint the foundation will be the AfD in two weeks one
submit so-called Organstreitklage in Karlsruhe. This one is correct
against the Bundestag, the Budget Committee, the Federal Government and the
 Federal Ministry of the Interior, from whose budget the foundation's funding pays

We can quantify that, but I do not want to "

The Erasmus Foundation, which is currently funded by donations, needs funds for seminars and training events, Steinbach said. How much the Foundation actually spent on it last year was left open. "We can quantify that, but I do not want to." Steinbach criticized that the other foundations had agreed in 1998 as a condition for funding that the parties had to have been elected at least twice in the Bundestag.

For years, the AfD had argued about their foundation model, several clubs had applied for the recognition of the party.
 The strongest competitor of the Erasmus Foundation was the
Gustav-Stresemann Foundation. When the grandsons of the former Chancellor and Nobel Peace Laureate defended themselves in court, that the AFD the
Uses the name of her grandfather, pronounced the party leadership for the Erasmus Foundation.

The AfD had originally spoken out against the foundation system. Nevertheless, she wants to benefit now. Representatives spoke of covert political party financing, the basic program states that the parties would be the one
State "exploit". At the federal party conference in the summer of 2018 in Augsburg
then agreed on a compromise:
To create "equality of arms" with the other parties, the
Erasmus Foundation recognized as parapt. At the same time, however, the remain
Abolition of the foundation system the "political end goal" of the AfD.



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