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A union when it comes to Europe | TIME ONLINE

If the date of a press conference shifts to meetings in Berlin, then usually only in one direction: backwards. That makes it even more remarkable, what CDU and CSU did it on Monday afternoon in Berlin. Instead of as announced at 13.30 Clock join CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, CSU boss Markus Söder and EVP-leading candidate Manfred Weber 20 minutes earlier in front of the press.

Because you just have nothing more to say to sister parties? Rather, because praised controversy in the joint meeting of the boards of both parties – even those are not there every day – were missing and the need for speech therefore out of sheer harmony briefly turned out. For the first time in its history, CDU and Christian Social Union not only a common leading candidate for the European elections, but have also written together a joint election program. Both parties have now formally agreed to both.

Both were with a view to the last European election campaign five years ago – there were CSU man Markus Ferber and CDU candidate David McAllister often cross – and the whole last year – when the CDU and CSU were about to settle in the dispute over rejections at the Splitting the border – anything but self-evident, praises Kramp-Karrenbauer, That was already "a remarkable date", says Söder. That was unthinkable a year ago. After all, there was "still room for improvement" in the cooperation between the two parties, an understatement, and Söder himself was not uninvolved in the coalition back then.

CDU and CSU are power pragmatists

In fact, the two parties have clearly moved in terms of content and tone in recent months. The axis Söder-Kramp-Karrenbauer works, their personal relationship is unprecedented, unlike their predecessors. As it raises the mood in the CSU in addition, that Kramp-Karrenbauer as "Ultima Ratio" also wants to close borders. The new head of the CDU has also made a sharp-tongued reply to French President Emmanuel Macron, showing him where she believes the frontiers of European integration are.

So she has hit a tone that pleases well in Munich and behind which also the campaigner Weber can gather. Weber is considered in his CSU rather considered and considerate, which in turn should have assured him the great approval in the sister party. After Franz Josef Strauss and Edmund Stoiber he is in fact only the third Bayer, who leads the CDU in a choice.

The tentative climax of the new harmony are now the 22-page election program, divided into three chapters: "Our Europe serves its citizens", "Our Europe makes strong" and "Our Europe holds together". In it, the two secretaries-general Paul Ziemiak (CDU) and Markus Blume (CSU) as the leader of many well-known European Academy have gathered: Europe be a "guarantor of peace and freedom, prosperity, respect for human rights, security and stability". Free access to work and universities will give Europe "unlimited opportunities".

That both parties are now working together again so well, is due to the
Constellation at this election. First, the Union is a profound one
Power-pragmatic, yes-loving party. And she has one with Weber
promising candidate for the post of Commission President.
Since you are getting together.



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