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A teenager accused of firing a cutter at a high school student arrested and imprisoned

The two suspects were arrested Friday by the police. Drawing. – Elisa Riberry / 20 Minutes

A common class dispute had ended in the blood. Friday, two young people of 16 years and 17 years were arrested in Lyon as part of an investigation for "attempted assassination" opened on March 20 after the violent
Aggression of a high school student.

That day, at 1:30 pm, "following a dispute in class", a young man of 19 years, schooled at high school Hélène-Boucher in Vénissieux, had been assaulted at the exit of his establishment by two men, says police lyonnaise .

The days of the victim not threatened

The oldest of the suspects allegedly struck him twice with a knife in his face and throat, and then fled. The victim, taken care of by the relief, had been hospitalized without his days being threatened.

During his hearing, the young Lyonnais accused of being the author of the blows acknowledged having been in possession of a cutter, but denied using it. "He was locked up following the opening of a judicial inquiry," said Monday the departmental direction of the public security of the Rhone.

Accompanying the suspect during the incident, the 16-year-old, who was also arrested and placed in police custody, was released.


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