Home news A rocket fired from Gaza injures seven people near Tel Aviv

A rocket fired from Gaza injures seven people near Tel Aviv

The Gaza Strip. – SIPA

The strike resulted in seven minor injuries. A rocket fired into the night of the Gaza Strip hit a house north of Tel Aviv in Mishmeret, more than 80 km from
the Gaza Strip. Four adults and three children, including a six-month-old baby, were hospitalized, said Kfar Saba hospital. Six belong to the same family and suffer from burns and minor splinter injuries.

This rocket fire, extremely rare of such scope, awakens the specter of a new armed confrontation between Israel on the one hand, the Islamist Hamas movement that runs unchallenged the Gaza Strip and its allies on the other. He intervenes in the middle of the Israeli electoral campaign, in view of the legislative elections of April 9th.

Closing of crossing points between Israel and the enclave

An agency of the Israeli Ministry of Defense has announced the closure of crossing points for people and property between Israel and the enclave wedged between Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean and affected by wars, poverty and Israeli blockades. Egyptian.

The Israeli army systematically responds to rocket fire from Gaza by striking Hamas military positions, all the more vigorously when they reach civilian areas. No Israeli strike was reported in the early morning in the Gaza Strip, where the response is expected.

"We will respond with force"

The Israeli prime minister, in Washington at the time of the strike, announced Monday that he would curtail his visit and return immediately after being received by President Donald Trump. "I decided, in the light of security events, to shorten my visit to the United States. In a few hours, I will meet with President Trump and shortly thereafter, I will return to Israel to closely monitor our operations, "he said.

"A criminal attack has been committed against the State of Israel, and we will respond with force," said Benjamin Netanyahu in a video broadcast by his services.

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