A LREM deputy treats Jérôme Rodrigues as "profoundly weak" after his remarks about the "unfortunate fire" of Notre-Dame


Eric Drouet and Jérôme Rodrigues, figures of the movement of "yellow vests" – BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

Bloodshed this Saturday morning on the BFMTV set. While the journalist asked him to react to the comments made a little earlier in the morning by the media "yellow vest" Jerome Rodrigues, the MP
LREM Jacques Marilossian did not mince words.

"It's a very debilitating thing that I just heard. Before, you had the idiot who told his debilitated coffee at the corner and at 10 pm the boss of the cafe told him "go home your wife is waiting for you". There, the moron of the corner, he types it on the Internet and it goes around the world, "he said.

"An unfortunate fire in a cathedral"

The reason for his anger: the "yellow vest" argument that the government deliberately dramatized the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris to gain time in the response to the protestors' anger. " [Emmanuel Macron] do not pay attention to us, strategically he had to announce it [ses mesures] at the beginning of the week, he did not do it because of an unfortunate fire in a cathedral. I find it regrettable. The world seems to stop turning when there is fire in France. I especially think it was a government strategy to go for a little bit of info
supposedly by leaks and rework his speech from behind to always sell us his electoral program, something we do not want today and we just denounce during the event, "had earlier Jerome Rodrigues this Saturday morning, on the sidelines of the Parisian demonstrations of
the act 23 of the movement.

"What world are we in?"

A "moronic" analysis, therefore, for Jacques Marilossian. "By pronouncing this word you play the fracture in our country …" then tries to moderate the journalist BFMTV. But the elected representative of the majority continues: "Yes, but I wait for the one who will explain to us that the fire of Notre-Dame – which is not a simple unfortunate fire in any church – is a plot hatched by the President of the Republic to prolong the pleasure of "yellow vests". Where are we ? Where are we in? I am worried about the evolution of democracy ".

"We let you master the words you used about Jerome Rodrigues …" tries the journalist again. But Jacques Marilossian persists is a sign: "I say the word" deep stupid ".

This insult did not fail to make react within the opposition: "The class contempt is still there, "tweeted Senator EELV of Paris Esther Benbassa.

The appeasement is not for tomorrow.