A fire occurs next to the Sydney airport


There was a big fire near the Qantas terminal at the Sydney airport.

Authorities were called to a factory that caught fire on Coward Street in Mascot at approximately 7 p.m.

The authorities have more than 18 teams on the ground composed of 70 firefighters who rush to put out the fire in the two-story warehouse.

It is believed that the fire started on the ground floor of the factory.

An airport spokesman told news.com.au that two tankers from the airport firefighters attended the scene to help the New South Wales fire brigade.

Comments on the social networks of a CNN cameraman suggested that the airport sent emergency teams to “monitor their fuel storage depots” next to the runway after the fire broke out.

However, the airport spokesman said the fire was not burning near the airport’s fuel storage depots and that the smoke from the fire will cause criminal delays on flights, a maximum of 15 minutes.

People on social networks say they can see the smoke from the fire from as far away as Cremorne Point on the north coast of the city.

Meanwhile, a 140-year classroom at Lane Cove Public School on the north coast of Sydney has been “completely destroyed” by a fire that sent columns of smoke into the air this afternoon.



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