A clear victory for Trump | TIME ONLINE


No, there is no criminal cooperation between Donald Trump or his campaign team and Russian authorities. For nearly two years, US special investigator Robert Mueller and his team have tried to find out what happened in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election. Now, Mueller has recommended in his final report to the US Department of Justice not to raise any further charges in this matter.

The result of Mueller's investigation is therefore: Not a single US citizen has the fraudulent agreement with Russia guilty. Or how Trump would twitter: "NO COLLUSION". "No agreements."

The central accusation against the US president and his environment has been refuted. Even if Mueller had found some evidence of fraudulent collusion, in his opinion, they do not seem to be sufficient for a court-set indictment. Even the initial suspicion of the judicial disability, which was not part of Mueller's explicit inquiry, has not been confirmed despite the "thorough examination" with the certainty required for an indictment – even though the special investigator has left this question open.

A late triumph for Trump

Although Mueller and other authorities have been able to prove some of Trump's former employees have committed crimes, there is no need for a 19-member Special Investigations Team to investigate money laundering regulations, illegal overseas accounts, and pay silent payments to porn actresses. Although it may be difficult for some observers to confess, the publication of the Mueller report is a late triumph for Donald Trump.

Yet Robert Mueller, who has been hailed by the US media as a monument of righteousness, has barely missed a chance to gather incriminating information about Trump and his environment. Investigations into the tax and financial crimes of Trump's former campaign chief Paul Manafort and ex-lawyer Michael Cohen have allegedly led Mueller to such depth to obtain information about potential links between the Trump campaign and Russian officials in exchange for criminal redress. The fact that despite this aggressive approach, he has failed to prove Trump and his environment punitive collusion leaves only one conclusion: Where Mueller has found nothing legally utilizable, is probably just nothing.