A car carrying 3 teenagers landed face down in an icy pond. A guy who can’t swim jumped to save them


Sitting in his van, trying to fix it, Ingraham saw a dangerous accident: a 2004 Crown Victoria with three teenagers in it crossed some railroad tracks, then lost control.

The car got off the road, crashed into a fire hydrant and landed face down in a nearby pond.

“(Probably) they were going too fast for conditions,” Sarpy County Sheriff Lieutenant Mike Erhart told CNN.

Ingraham saw the car stop, fall through the ice and start to fill with water.

“I took out my phone and dialed 911,” he told CNN.

Then Ingraham, who can’t swim, ran down the hill to the pond. He heard someone scream.

“Take me out! Take me out!” I remembered them screaming.

Ingraham, unsure of the depth of the water, ran in. Air temperature was measured in the 20s, he recalled, intensifying the bite of ice water.

The partially submerged car sits in the frozen pond after Ingraham's rescue.

The car continued to fill with water.

Ingraham realized that the pond, at least right there, was only knee deep.

He tried to open the rear door of the sedan. It would not move.

He tried the entrance door.

He gave, and Ingraham pulled the 19-year-old driver, Jaxon Duin, out, he said.

But two more people were still inside, Ingraham said. And they didn’t move.

Ingraham grabbed someone, who immediately grabbed him by the arm, the photographer told CNN. He pulled that passenger to a safe place.

The last rider also held on to Ingraham when he pulled them out, he said.

The three teenagers, including Anton Burkovetskiy, 19, and someone who is probably a minor, were taken to the Nebraska Medical Center, Erhart said.

“A lot of people don’t have to do that, or they probably wouldn’t,” he said of Ingraham’s rescue.

“The water is so cold. If I hadn’t been there very fast, it could have been much, much worse.”

Ingraham spoke with one of the teenagers’ mothers through Facebook, he said, and she thanked him for saving his son’s life.

“If I had waited, it is not known what would happen,” said Ingraham. “I’m just a guy in the right place at the right time.”



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