68-year-old woman with missing dementia for 6 days found alive in a snow-covered car

A woman who suffered from dementia and was missing for six days in northern California was found alive Wednesday in her snow-covered vehicle.

Paula Beth James, 68, was rescued after the Butte County Sheriff’s Office saw her car from a helicopter.

Paula Beth James, 68, suffers from dementia. It was located about three miles from Bambi Inn in Butte Meadows.Sheriff butte

His Toyota SUV was about 150 meters from the road in Butte Meadows, a rural area about 200 miles northeast of San Francisco, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

The pilot landed the helicopter near James’s vehicle, and was met by rescuers in Sno-Cats, who found her alive in the car and took her to the paramedics prep area.

James was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition, police said Wednesday.

The photos of the rescue mission show the SUV in a snow-covered rural field surrounded by trees. Police believe James may have become disoriented due to his dementia. The sheriff’s office said the search and rescue operation took more than 100 hours.

“We are all grateful for this fortunate result and wish him a speedy recovery,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

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