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5 players who need more time to play in 2019

The Dallas Cowboys have a talented and young roster and these 5 players could help them improve if they get more shots in 2019

Once again, the Dallas Cowboys were not able to get through the second round of the NFL Playoffs, which led to much criticism. However, much of the anger is quite far from the base for this current Cowboys group.

In the past, it was true for the team that did not meet expectations. That's because they had a veteran quarterback in Tony Romo, an experienced receiver in Dez Bryant, and a future tight end of Hall of Fame in Jason Witten. It was a pretty powerful crime with many years of experience – not to mention some high price tags.

When they failed, this was frustrating due to the fact that their window was short. And we all see how short it is since the three stars mentioned above are no longer in Big D, and two of them are retired altogether. However, the Cowboys of this past season are in a different boat than that. These guys are incredibly young and continue to grow.

Now they are led by many players who are still learning the NFL and have not had starters over 30 years in the postseason. Of course, once these stars have more experience and bigger contracts, then expectations should increase. For now, they are a young team that is doing some good moves and could pose a threat in the future.

As they head towards 2019, there will be many younger players that the Cowboys are looking for success. The usual suspects will all be counted, but to take the next step, Dallas will need more from some players who are not considered stars. With all that being said, here are five players who need more time to play in 2019 as they try to continue developing their talented youth.

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