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5 must-watch documentaries for a more sustainable planet

A powerful documentary can help inform viewers and encourage a more conscious lifestyle. You may have thrown rotting fruit away too often, or waste online shopping if you feel guilty. The following list of documentaries can inspire you to make your life a little "greener" just before spring.

From a Sir David Attenborough Netflix series to a documentary about food waste produced by the late Anthony Bourdain, these five environmental documentaries are an absolute must-watch.

2. The End of Meat (2017)

After sold-out premieres all over the world, the film was by German filmmaker Marc Pierschel The end of the meat launched worldwide on March 12. The documentary exposes the brutal impact of meat consumption, while investigating what a shift to a more compassionate diet can look like.

How to watch:

The End of meat is available to stream on iTunes, Amazon Prime and Vimeo. You can also buy a DVD or Blu-ray. If you live outside of the US, you can see here how to view your country.

3. Hostile planet (2019)

From director Guillermo Navarro (The labyrinth of Pan), Hostile planet is a six-part nature series that premiered on National Geographic on 1 April. The series is told by Bear Grylls (Running with Bear Grylls).

How to watch:

New episodes premiered Monday evening at 9 am EST on the National Geographic channel. If you don't have cable TV, you can catch up on episodes online.

Want to know more?

View Outside Magazine & # 39; s & # 39; Hostile Planet & # 39; takes a candid look at climate change.

4. Rotten (2018)

rotten is a six-part documentary series on Netflix. The series sheds light on the corruption, waste and danger behind the food we eat. The series was produced by the team behind Anthony Bourdain & # 39; s Parts unknown and The spirit of a chef.

How to watch:

Stream the documentary series on Netflix.

Want to know more?

This is a 2018 article from SIERRA Magazine that breaks rotten per delivery: Netflix & # 39; s & # 39; Rotten & # 39; reveals the dangers of global food production.

5. Wasted! The Story of Food Waste (2017)

WASTED! produced by Anthony Bourdain explores both a broken food system and possible solutions to our 21st-century issue of food waste.

How to watch:

Checking out WASTED! on Amazon Prime, iTunes or via a Starz subscription.

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