Home news 40-year-old West Virginia man meets biological mother for 1st time - WOWK

40-year-old West Virginia man meets biological mother for 1st time – WOWK

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Brian Gully Sr. was born in Hawaii and offered for adoption at birth. His parents made for a life of nothing less grand, he said. But there was always a part of him that he felt was missed. After years of searching for that part, finally making a life-changing breakthrough – finding his biological mother.

His adoptive parents, David and Joan, were told that they could not think of children, so they decided to adopt it. Shortly after adopting Brian, they devised twins – both boys and a third boy to follow.

When he was five, Brian asked his parents why he looked different from his younger brothers. They told him that he had been adopted, which had no problem at all.

When he grew up, he always wondered and wondered where he came from, where his true roots lay. Only much later did he decide to look for these answers.

His adoptive father David was nothing but supportive to help Brian. He even hired a personal researcher to trace his biological family without success. After approval, documents were permanently sealed, causing the roadblocks to be caused.

After many unsuccessful attempts, Brian was reluctant to keep trying. David encouraged Brian to try another street – ancestry.com.

The home DNA test found a loophole in closed documents, linking Brian to a biological cousin in Illinois. He held out his hand. The nephew then brings him into contact with his biological mother, who is a Texan mother. Blind, sms & # 39; to he her.

"It was unnerving, I was wondering if she would send a message back, or whether she wanted me to call her or not. I felt the waters first before I called her." She said she had waited forty years for my voice. and I told her that I waited 40 years to hear her voice, "Brian said.

They made an appointment to meet. David buys Brian's air ticket to Houston. 13 The news hit Brian at Yeager Airport. He seemed calm and collected on the outside. But inside, his thoughts are jetting with a lot of emotions.

"Nervous, scared, excited," Brian said as he patiently waited at Gate B1.

"I just can not believe I'm 40 years old and I will meet my biological mother," he said.

Flying Delta, a fast connecting flight, Brian finally lands at Hobby Airport. This is the time.

As soon as their eyes close, they brace themselves for a hug.

Tearing away tears, Brian's biological mother, Patricia Copeland Weaver, said: "I have been waiting for this for 40 years. Oh my God, I have my baby back!"

The last memory of him was that day, in 1979 in the hospital.

"I have to hold it once, they put it on my chest and I told him:" I love you, please come to me ", said Weaver.

For personal reasons she placed Brian for adoption. Hopeful that he would have a life that she could not offer at 18 years of age.

But after all these years, this mountaineer and Texan finally have the opportunity to build on the relationship they both longed for.

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