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& # 39; Dave & # 39; on HBO: a president who continues to hope alive after all these years

What does a news junkie do when the news becomes garbage?

I hit my breaking point with the recent publication of the "Mueller Report" (or, rather, the completion of a report by Special Adviser Robert Mueller), only to find day after day talk of heads on TV talking and discussing something without reading any of its hundreds of pages. I couldn't bear to watch a second of uninformed comments on cable news.

So HBO came to the rescue.

Not only do we have the final season of Veep, but we can also enjoy the good White House movie of our lives once again, Dave.

I've reached Dave while running through the old normal cable when the cable news first broke me, but it was on HBO NOW and HBO GO from December for the pleasure of streaming whenever I or you ask. So I looked again just to make sure my mood hadn't colored my memories of the 1993 movie with Kevin Kline as a presidential impersonator who turns out to be the president for real. No. Dave holds up, e Dave it holds us back "the best angels of our nature" as Americans. Even more when you worry that we could live The Manchurian candidate or The parallax view instead.

A film by Ivan Reitman, published in May 1993 just as President Bill and Hillary Clinton made the White House their home, Dave I imagined an equally dishonest president Bill (surname Mitchell) who suffers a stroke during an appointment with a White House staff. Kline interprets both the real prez and the titanic character, a mild idealistic guy who runs a temporary agency in Washington and earns some salary from him by pretending to be President, before the Secret Service finds out, and the real president of the staff (the inimitable intimidating Frank Langella) and screenwriter (Kevin Dunn, who also plays Selina Meyer's chief of staff in Veep!) convince Dave to cover for President Mitchell while he is incapacitated.

Dave's first questions are so significant.

"And the vice president?" "Is it legal?"

He may know he's in the lead. But even the West Wingers have absolutely no idea what they found when they found Dave.

He is better than the "real" president, he encourages homeless children, he throws the first shot at an Orioles game, he makes jokes with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he finds a way to balance the budget and even conquer the First Lady (Sigourney Weaver). Find out what happens when Dave finally realizes his true potential, in his first speech to the White House press group.

And I haven't even mentioned how good the supporting cast is. Ving Rhames, a year before going big pulp Fiction, brings charm to its role as the first secret service officer of the president. Charles Grodin is bringing his best Charles Grodin into even the smallest of supporting characters, as Dave's contributor and accountant who helps find hundreds of millions of savings in the budget. Sir Ben Kingsley is the vice president, banned in Africa for most of the film. And God bless Bonnie Hunt, making the most of his 30-second scene as a tour guide of the White House.

So memorable, I continue to find myself facing my friends on the street or anywhere, sometimes just to say, "We're walking, we're walking."

The senators of the United States and the few heads of discussion in the early years, the news cable all seem to themselves to deal with quotes of choice, which will remind you of a time when we thought only that Republicans and Democrats do not they could go to agreement and how far I fell in terms of our political and journalistic discourse in the last quarter of a century.

Also, just to really make your own spaghetti, this oracle of a movie includes a conspiracy theory by Oliver Stone, as well as Jay Leno's impeachment and forgiveness lines.

In the real world, there is never an easy solution for our politicians.

But Dave he had understood everything. And it still does.

Sean L. McCarthy works at the rhythm of the comedy for his digital newspaper, The Comic & # 39; s Comic; before that, for real newspapers. Based in New York, but will travel everywhere for the scoop: ice cream or news. He also tweets @thecomicscomic and podcasts episodes of mezz & # 39 now with comedians revealing stories of origin: the comic of the comic presents the last things before.

Clock Dave on HBO NOW or HBO GO



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