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2029, or the decay of an average city in songs

"In my city, it is mass unemployment and the receiver / TGV station, the big agglo, Narco-Avenue, 2084, eco-responsible capitalism, toxic loans / less public structure for efficient deleveraging according to the hungry of the Court of accounts / in my city, seeks collaborations with Chinese cities of 3 million inhabitants to bring in foreign currency.The decrepitude and difficulties of an average city, seen through the song, is a strange project. 2029 is Gontard's third album , the troublemaker with the revolted pen 2029, is the observation and the dark future of a city as it exists everywhere in France – those that are not in the line of sight of the start-up nation Macronienne. "Also all the cities small and medium have their ghetto ", says the artist. It could be Montluçon, Béziers or Montargis, but for him it is Romans-sur-Isère, 33 000 inhabitants, often nicknamed by the local" Romans-on-Misère ".

One song resonates in particular: the hospital kills

Gontard has been working there for ten years as an educator. How did you see the city evolve over this period of time? "For ten years, there has been nothing except the mayor soc-dem and the hard right, the sport for the prolos, the carnival, the festival of pogne and every year a fair for fraud and elite culture. What strikes him is "the isolation of the popular classes, the closure of the places of life, the MJC, the bloodless public services, the ghettoization, the local shops that close, the rising anger …" A song resounds in particular: the hospital kills. In the region, in February, a child died in utero, because since the closure of the motherhood of Die, in Vercors, the mother could not be cured or transferred in time to Montélimar. "It is concrete, "says Gontard, disgusted." My music is so human. "To write his words, he locked himself and peeled the local press, his little news, his news from the end of the world, the mayor approaching the market along with the defenseless young men: two worlds." My album is pop journalism, it is the real thing in music ", he laughs. He wonders what" being proletarian "means: how you like it when you are young and proletarian? Where are we found to" drink or do love "? And Gontard to imagine the two high schools where in 2029 the young people of the city will move that will leave the CM2: the choice, the private hut for petty bourgeois, Notre-Dame-de-Burnes, or the public school for those who No choice, Ghettoland Gontard likes hip-hop, the one that absorbs his pen in the wound: "The other time, I listened to Born again under the same star as IAM (published in 1998 in the album The School of the Micro of Money – Ed.) What has changed since then? Anything. And we are responsible too. And in ten years?

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