In South Korea Four men have been arrested for making illegal shots of hotel guests on the Internet. They are suspected of installing cameras in 30 hotels in the center and southeast of the country, the police said. Overall, around 1,600 hotel guests were filmed without knowing it.

According to police, the men have earned about 5,400 euros with the filming. The main suspect now faces up to seven years imprisonment. One of them is accused of posing as a hotel guest to install the cameras. The other is said to have set up and maintained a website abroad where the videos were uploaded. Two other men are accused of funding the cameras and website.

The distribution of illegal video recordings is a problem in South Korea. Thousands of women in South Korea's capital, Seoul, have repeatedly demanded stricter conditions for the distribution of such videos. On Thursday, the case of a well-known K-pop singer was negotiated. He is said to have shared secret sex videos with women in group chats.