11-year-old girl was found safe after being kidnapped when getting off the school bus; 2 in custody: police

Charlotte Moccia was apparently kidnapped after returning home from school.

Massachusetts police said an 11-year-old girl was found safe after she was apparently kidnapped after getting off the school bus on Wednesday afternoon.

Charlotte Moccia of Springfield was forced into a car at approximately 1:26 p.m. “Not long after she got off the school bus,” according to the Massachusetts State Police.

The Springfield Police Department said just before 8 p.m. She was located. Massachusetts state police said the car was stopped in a work zone after a motorist called 911.

Two people were arrested and are being transported to reserve, police said. Moccia was reviewed by medical emergency technicians, but “has no apparent injuries.”

Authorities said a man was walking behind her and forced her to wear a dark blue or black Honda sedan, possibly a Civic. The car was being driven by a woman, according to police.

Charlotte is described as 4 feet 2 inches and weighs about 60 pounds and at that time she was wearing her school uniform.

She is a student of the Hampden Charter Science School, who issued a statement about her apparent kidnapping.

“I have some disturbing news to share with you and a request for help,” Tarkan Topcuoglu, the school superintendent, said in a statement. “One of our students, Charlotte Moccia, 11, could have been kidnapped this afternoon on her way home from school.”

“Obviously, we are concerned about Charlotte’s safety and will keep him up to date with any progress,” the school added.

Police said anyone who sees Charlotte should call 911 immediately.

Matt News Foster and Darren Reynolds of ABC News contributed to this report.


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