News Uralsk – WKO applicants are invited to get a quality education in Turkey

Thousands of Kazakhstanis annually become students of prestigious Turkish higher educational institutions, receive high-quality education and become sought-after specialists in various fields of activity.

Every graduate of a school, college or university dreams of becoming successful and building a career related to their favorite profession. Every year more and more Kazakhstanis give preference to foreign universities and the rating is headed by Turkish universities. The most significant advantages of education in Turkey are the low cost and high quality of education.

Education Industry has been working in the field of education consulting since 2015. Every year, thousands of Kazakhstanis were able to achieve their goals and realize their dreams with the help of the company. Students and applicants who wished to receive higher education in Turkey can choose not only a specialty to their liking, but also a university.

– Graduates of Turkish universities receive a diploma that meets the international European standard and is quoted in European countries and is considered international. The period of study is five years, of which the first year students study Turkish, and the next four years they receive education in the specialty they have chosen. Even in the first year of study at the university, circles function, where children, in addition to the Turkish language, can study other disciplines. There are more than 150 types of various circles and all of them are absolutely free, this is an initiative of the Turkish authorities. To enter a Turkish university, it is enough to have a high school diploma or a college or university diploma, there is no need to take any additional exams. At the same time, we do not look at the availability of the results of the UNT, at its results and grades in the certificates. For Kazakhstanis, not only bachelor’s programs are available, but also master’s and doctoral studies, – said the director of Education Industry Laziza Nurpeyis.

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One cannot but rejoice at the cost of training, which, by the way, is very loyal. Education at Turkish universities starts from 98 thousand tenge per year. 12 Turkish universities cooperate with the Education Industry. Kazakhstanis more often choose specialties in the field of logistics, international relations, design, languages ​​and IT engineering.

WKO applicants are invited to receive quality education in Turkey WKO applicants are invited to receive quality education in Turkey

Another positive side of Turkish education can be called the fact that several programs are provided here. The Mevlana program provides an opportunity for academic exchange between universities in Turkey, Central Asia and other countries (for example, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Eastern countries). In other words, students have the opportunity to study abroad for one (minimum) or two (maximum) semesters.

Another highly demanded program is Erasmus, through which students can travel abroad to improve their communication skills and gain international experience. Most often, students choose countries such as Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, France and Italy.

The Farabi Exchange Program is a program that exchanges students and teachers between higher education institutions in Turkey. Those who complete the Farabi exchange program receive a certificate that can be attached to a resume with a diploma and it will have an advantage.

– Education Industry is a kind of conductor between Kazakh applicants and Turkish universities. With our help, thousands of our compatriots have received a quality education in Turkish universities and are successfully working in various fields of activity. Their ranks are replenished every year. Every Kazakhstani can use our services and get the profession of their dreams, – added Laziza Nurpeyis.

When applying for study in Turkey from Education Industry, students are guaranteed admission to the chosen university without entrance exams. Don’t hesitate, act now and take a step towards your dream with Education Industry.

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