News | Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Supervision: Special foods, medicines, live animals, etc. shall not be sold in blind boxes, and the price of a single blind box is generally not more than 200 yuan

On the afternoon of January 14, the official account of the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation released the “Shanghai Blind Box Business Activities Compliance Guidelines”.amongDraw a red line for the operation of the blind box.

It requires that the blind box business activities should comply with the relevant laws, regulations and rules, and the business scope is generally in the fields of daily consumption, literature, entertainment and other fields.Laws and regulations clearly stipulate that commodities that are prohibited from sale and circulation shall not be sold in the form of blind boxes.

Commodities that have strict requirements on sales qualifications, storage and transportation, conditions of use, etc. shall not be sold in blind boxes, such asSpecial food, drugs, medical equipment, toxic and hazardous materials, flammable and explosive materials, live animalsWait.

The “Guidelines” also put forward advocacy suggestions for specific blind box business activities, promote the standardized development of the platform, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Including standard blind box price system:The actual value of the goods in the blind box should be basically the same as its selling price.The price of a single blind box is generally not more than 200 yuan.Blind boxes are not allowed to inflate the price of common goods.

also includeStandardize marketing hype behavior:RequireBlind box operators shall not carry out financial-related marketing, and shall not engage in market making behavior in the secondary market.High-priced speculation, excessive marketing, and starvation marketing are not allowed.

as well asMinor Protection Mechanism:Blind box operators are required not to sell blind boxes to minors under the age of 8. To sell blind box products to minors over the age of 8, the guardian’s consent should be confirmed through different methods such as online and offline.

(Editor: Lin Chen)



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