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One Hofu, Hofu whole school

In Hofu City, we introduced community schools in all public elementary and junior high schools in the city in 2012, and in 2013 we built a framework for a community co-education network that is a mechanism for raising children throughout the community. We are promoting community development in an integrated manner.

Whole area school “Hofu model”

Since Hofu City has an area where one elementary school goes to multiple junior high schools, it is a community center that is the center of elementary schools, elementary schools and junior high schools, and the local community in order to support the continuous growth and learning of children. It is necessary to work closely with each school. Therefore, the role of regional coordinators for all elementary and junior high schools is played by regional school collaboration activity promoters (social education instructors at each community center), and a sustainable promotion system that integrates school education and social education is being built. increase.
Hofu model / regional cooperation net [PDFファイル/414KB]

News from regional cooperation education

Introducing the efforts related to regional cooperation being carried out in the city.

Reiwa 4 years

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