New World pushes cash allowance for injections to give 1,000 yuan per person to 5,000 grassroots citizens for injections | Position report

[20:35 Added three new responses to “recommendation” and selection of social service agencies]

The vaccination rate in Hong Kong has not yet reached the level recognized by the government and the medical community, and various consortia have successively launched vaccinations. New World Group announced a donation of 10 million yuan, proving that grassroots citizens who have received two vaccines will receive 1,000 yuan each as a “vaccination salary or health consultation” allowance. In the first stage, there are about 5,000 places, and three non-profit organizations will recommend and select the target, and arrange the payment method. The subsidy will be paid as soon as the end of this month. The New World Index has also set aside 5 million. Depending on the development of the epidemic, it is necessary to study and launch the second phase of the plan.

New World pointed out that many non-profit organizations reported that some grassroots citizens who were interested in vaccinating were forced to give up injections because they had no paid leave for injections, and some were forced to give up injections because of health concerns. Qian consulted the doctor’s advice so he did not vaccinate. Therefore, New World will launch a “subsidy plan” that cares about the vaccination of grassroots people. The Lutheran Social Service, the Community Organization Association and the St. James’ Settlement are responsible for recommending and selecting 5000 grassroots to give 1,000 yuan per person as a vaccination salary or health consultation allowance. The consideration conditions include whether the job has a paid concubine leave , Health consultation or physical examination needs, and industry needs, etc.

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The group expects that the vaccination subsidy will be released in batches from the end of June to the end of August. The beneficiaries have to show the record of the two doses of vaccination to the non-profit organization. The details of the distribution will be announced by each of the three groups later.

Community Organization Association: Member application only

Shi Lishan, deputy director of the Community Organization Association, said that the vaccination subsidy program is limited to members of the community association, because the current membership is estimated to be about 10,000, but the number of places is only about 1,600. Applicants must meet the means test, and their income and savings must meet the requirements for applying for CSSA. Residential housing and workers will also be given priority.

Applicants need to register with the community organization association first, and after passing the economic review and consulting the doctor’s opinion, they must show the doctor’s paper and needle fake paper to the community organization association to confirm their eligibility. Shi Lishan pointed out that the first batch of applications will close on June 20, and the list of beneficiaries will be announced two days later. The beneficiaries are expected to receive 1,000 yuan as early as the end of June.

St. James’ Settlement replied to Position News that the details of the plan are still under discussion and the relevant application process and review conditions have not been implemented. The Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service Office replied that it had set up a hotline 63585986, and the hotline was put into service on June 15. All details can be found on the hotline.

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