New Twitter characteristic may well isolate lurker from superuser

Twitter appears to be to be operating on a new profile web page function that is effortless and annoyingly unobtrusive.

According to the screenshot Jane Manchun Wong tweeted on Thursday, Twitter has nevertheless one more ongoing attribute.This time, on the user’s profile web site[ツイート]A smaller piece of textual content just down below the tab. But this textual content tells all people what you really don’t want others to know, that is, how usually you tweet.

Twitter is doing the job to expose the depth of my Twitter dependancy by exhibiting the frequency of consumer tweets on my profile web page.

Frequency: Each day, Weekly, Month to month, Seldom, or None

-Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May perhaps 12, 2022

In the screenshot, this feature exhibits Wong’s profile website page, and the text states “Tweets every day.” Wong suggests in a tweet about this element that individuals can also say weekly, not often, monthly, or not tweet at all.

I know the usefulness of this characteristic (it may well be valuable to know how generally the account tweets prior to the consumer decides to observe), but it will not demand the user to execute a Twitter exercise, and a small little bit. I have to come to feel humiliated. With this kind of an explosion. Each day tweeters, as Wong claims, may possibly not like to showcase “Twitter addiction” that way.

If you are in that camp, you might want to continuously tweet with out currently being labeled as a social media chat box, but other people are generally unhappy, modest tweets on their accounts. A dessert that you would not want to tweet with self-assurance because you are lurking without staying supplied the label.

So although this is a practical however flashy characteristic, I hope that if Twitter decides to make it offered to all people, it will also make it possible for men and women to opt out of it.

Other new functions that Twitter is doing work on contain new strategies to handle replies and extended-form blogging options.

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