New timetables for all municipal schools in Borken

Jodocus-Nünning Comprehensive School (Photo: City of Borken / Mediamieze)

bark. At the beginning of the new school year from August 10, 2022

At the start of the new school year from Wednesday, August 10, 2022, there are new timetables for a total of 2,283 learner drivers from the city schools in Borken on the Borken city website .

For 1,715 pupils who use local public transport (ÖPNV) to a municipal school in Borken, adapted timetable excerpts of the bus connections in question are shown.

Individual timetables are stored for each school for routes to school outside of public transport, the so-called special school transport, which is currently used by 520 people. The respective bus routes and travel times have been adjusted for the new school year. New stops that will be served from the start of the school year are listed in the timetable. As a result, some departure times will change.

Since classes at the Gymnasium Remigianum will end at 2:00 p.m. from this school year 2022/23, school transport has been adjusted accordingly. Year 5 of the Julia-Koppers-Gesamtschule will be taught at the Raesfeld branch starting this school year. The municipality of Raesfeld organizes school transport for this year.

In addition, 48 Borken schoolchildren are currently receiving 50% of the ticket price at the end of the school year if they do without a bus ticket. Information on timetables and routes to school is available from the secretariats of each school, as well as from Ms. Finke (Tel. 02861/939-214) and Ms. Hövelbrinks (Tel. 02861/939-411) from the School and Sports Department of the city of Borken.

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