New scholarships for the Mercado Libre, Globant and Digital House programming course

After the success of the educational program that already has more than 3,200 students and that since its launch it received applications from 150,000 persons from Argentina, Colombia and Brazil, the companies Digital House, Mercado Libre and Globant announce a new opportunity for a thousand more Argentines to be trained in key knowledge and skills to facilitate insertion into the technology industry.

Certified Tech Developer it is an initiative educational co-created by Digital House, Mercado Libre and Globant to train developers following the highest industry standards. Students incorporate technical knowledge and also soft skills demanded by the most disruptive companies in the sector.

In this program, the selected profiles will get a scholarship equivalent to 50% of the total value of the degree and They will begin to study from February 2022.

To enter, those interested must pass the Admission process and pay $ 10,000 to reserve your place. All those who want to enroll outside of the scholarship programs and guarantee their place in the commissions that begin in February, can be contacted by writing to [email protected]

It is estimated that by 2025 it will be necessary to cover 13 million jobs related to new technologies in Latin America. This initiative seeks to encourage more people to choose to study programming and other digital disciplines that are required in all organizations linked to the development of the knowledge economy.

Registration for the new scholarships has already started and will run until December 13, 2021. Interested people can apply at this link. The entire process of registration, selection and notification of scholarships will be carried out online. The course will also be 100% remote.

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