New program: Together in diversity: Hungry for education

district of Bad Durkheim. The new program of the district adult education center (KVHS) Bad Dürkheim and its twelve local adult education centers in the district as well as the open creative workshop again offers a colourful, varied program for everyone who is interested.
“But it also reflects that a little bit of normality has meanwhile entered everyday course life. Because it is clearly noticeable that many citizens of the district are “hungry” for education again. After the long and pandemic-ridden time, the courses are fortunately booked more frequently again,” explains Dirk Michel, head of the KVHS.
The annual motto of the adult education centers for 2022 is “Together in diversity!”. With the diversity of the programs on offer, the KVHS also wants to do justice to the diversity of its participants. The diversity-oriented online series “Diversity (er)live!” takes up this topic and spans an arc from gender diversity to women with a migration background to people with disabilities and shows, among other things, how gender-neutral education can be successful. Another offer in terms of diversity is the two-part VHS talk “Together in diversity in the Palatinate”, a cooperation offer with the VHS Neustadt. In the first part, an intercultural journey leads through the region, in the second part it has an intercultural focus. The topic is supplemented by the DigiCircle Pfalz. Adult education centers in the Palatinate region have developed a series of lectures in online format and provide information on historical and current events in the “Palatinate City Stories”.
Furthermore, there are again numerous offers for families, for example a “time out for the whole family” or a “wild herb walk”. Those who are particularly courageous can walk “In the footsteps of knights and bats”. In addition to heavy fare about fake news, half-truths and disinformation through corresponding Internet platforms, bullying or dealing with people with dementia, hula, ukulele, rum and whiskey tasting ensure more lightness. “Together with the proven offers, the “Diversity Program” stands for very individual further training and a piece of joie de vivre,” says Michel.kats/ps
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Interested parties can obtain more information by telephone on 06322 9612402 or online at

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