New nickname: why in the networks they say “Ankara” to Messi

Every time the Argentine National Team played in this Copa América, the nickname “Ankara” to name Lionel Messi became a trend on social networks. In the victory against Bolivia, even in the broadcast of Public TV, the rapporteur Pablo Giralt also called the “10” from Albiceleste in this way. But what does it mean and where did it come from?

Its creator was the streamer and comedian Lucas Rodríguez, who creates daily content related to football on the platforms Twitch and Booyah !. It all started with Joaquim Maria Puyal’s account in Catalan of Messi’s historic goal against Getafe on April 18, 2007: in it you can hear how the journalist increases his euphoria as the Argentine star leaves behind on the road. all the rival team.

More than twenty times he names the surname of the Rosario star accompanied by the word “ankara”, which in Catalan means “still” in reference to the fact that Messi did not lose possession of the ball during a maneuver very similar to the goal that Diego Maradona converted him to England in 1986.

Rodríguez, in an interview with the medium Filo News, explained: “It was funny to me and I started saying Ankara to Messi and there are people who joined. It’s kind of embarrassing to tell it because it doesn’t contain any jokes. It only starts from the stupidity of total nonsense ”.

With the passage of the matches of the national team, the nickname became popular on social networks until it reached the television broadcast of the meeting or official accounts such as the Professional Football League or Tottenham (in its Spanish version).

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