New credits so that children from private schools can continue studying in 2021

Kindergartens and schools in Bogotá.

During his intervention in the Action and Prevention program of the Presidency of the Republic, the director of Icetex, Manuel Acevedo, stated that for the first semester of 2021 the Educational Solidarity Fund will offer new discounts and credits in tuition and pensions for students of private schools and gardens.

“The Solidarity Fund for Education has allowed us to be close to families accompanying them at this time in their educational transition thanks to the resources that the Government, through the Ministry of Finance, have designated, allowing that by 2021 we can again grant more of 57,000 families from schools and gardens, the possibility of continuing with this support ”, Acevedo pointed out.

Manuel Acevedo, president of Icetex announced new loans for private gardens and schools through the Educational Solidarity Fund.

Likewise, the official indicated that in the case of young people from public universities there are more than 600 thousand students who, through a contest of the governors, mayors and different programs, may also be granted benefits in the costs of tuition during the first semester of the year. In the particular case, Acevedo explained that the Icetex currently has aid available for more than 127 thousand students, which will continue for this semester of 2021.

Despite the fact that the call for the credits of private schools and gardens has not yet been opened, and that the conditions for accessing the credits are not known, el Icetex has the projection of covering the pension of the 57 thousand children on the condition that they are legally certified in educational institutions such as schools and kindergartens.

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According to the official, it is expected that as well as on other occasions through the contests of the governors, mayors, the Generation E program and the universities, they can be given that tuition benefit for this first semester 2021, such as More than 507,000 students have had it 100% free.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education, María Victoria Angulo, indicated that from her portfolio Progress is being made in the adaptation of educational facilities to provide biosafety conditions that allow the gradual, progressive and safe return of students to classrooms, which is scheduled for January 18, in some regions of the country.

“73% of the national territory carried out alternation pilots during 2020, which represents 23 departments and Bogotá. And 51 Certified Territorial Entities carried out alternation pilots, which represents 53% of the 96 in the country ”, the Minister explained.

Icetex and a Miami university open call for master’s degrees for Colombians

According to the entity, three Colombians will be able to study a virtual master’s degree at the University of Atlantis, in Miami, Florida (United States), with scholarships of 100% tuition exemption.

This call, which runs until February 8, 2021, is aimed at university professionals in areas such as: business administration, hotel management, health management, information technology and cybersecurity, for those who preferably have professional experience or who work in public or private entities in matters directly related to the program To make.

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Those selected would begin their studies on March 8 and the programs offered are:

– Master of Business Administration (MBA)

– Master’s in Hospital Management.

– Master in Information Technology.

– Master in Cybersecurity.

– Master in Health Care Management.

Requirements required:

– Have definitive admission from the university.

– Be between 23 and 65 years of age.

– Have a minimum average of undergraduate grades of 4.0 out of 5.0.

– Preferably have at least 1 year of professional experience in the area of ​​the program to be carried out and enjoy good physical and mental health.

Pre-selection criteria:


For more information on the offer and the application process on the three scholarships for master’s studies in different areas at Atlantis, go to: -studies-abroad / current-scholarships / call-master-degree-in-different-areas /


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