new appointment for “The Concerts of the Cloister”

Scheduled until 29 October 2023, twelve concerts in four municipalities of Salento, Galatina, Soleto, Cutrofiano, Zollino. Next Friday in Piazza Municipio the protagonist will be the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio: rhythm, dance and music to recount twenty years of the historic multi-ethnic ensemble

CUTROFIANO – After the overwhelming start with the concert by Irene Grandi in Soleto, the XXIII edition of Festival The Concerts of the Cloister continues with the appointment on Friday 8 September in Cutrofiano: in Piazza Municipio the protagonist will be the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio with “Dancefloor”, rhythm, dance and music to tell twenty years of the historic multi-ethnic ensemble (9.00 pm, free admission).

“Dancefloor” will review this exciting journey, through the stages of the history of an ensemble in the meantime become a stable and now well-established formation which, starting from traditional music, mixing it and dipping it with rock, pop, reggae and classical, has brought around for the stages and theaters of the world, genres and sounds mostly unknown to the general public.

The new show will be a return to the origins of the Orchestra in which music, rhythm and dance will once again be the only protagonists. From the soundscapes of the album “Isola di Legno”, a hybrid that combines folk with jazz, tablas with strings, drums with winds, with original compositions in very first execution – which will be part of the new album to be released in the autumn – as per tradition of the OPV, the lineup of the evening will be a journey between countries, cultures and languages. There will be the sensual atmosphere of the Bolivian cumbia, with the women dancing raising and moving the edges of their skirts in time; the Berber dances with scarves with short and very colorful fringes, the sacredness and repetitiveness of the gesture in the Sufi chant, the cadenced and rhythmic steps of the music of the Andes. But you will also listen to certain characteristic atmospheres of the Italian sixties and the political commitment of the Afro Beat and the light-hearted joy of Arab reggae, which in reality does not exist as a genre in itself. And this is because, as always, the OPV does not reproduce styles but reinterprets them, creating a way of making music that makes it recognizable and unique.

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Formation: Houcine ATAA – Tunisia, voice; Emanuele BULTRINI – Italy, guitars; Giuseppe D’ARGENZIO – Italy, tenor and soprano sax; Duilio GALIOTO – Italy, piano and keyboards; Ernesto LOPEZ MATURELL – Cuba, Drums; Roman VILLANUEVA – Peru, trumpet; Carlos PAZ DUQUE – Ecuador, voice, Andean flutes; Pino PECORELLI – Italy, electric bass; Raul SCEBBA – Argentina, percussion; Ziad TRABELSI – Tunisia, voice, oud.

The XXIII edition of the Festival I Concerti del Chiostro in twelve appointments brings great music to four municipalities of Salento. Galatina, Soleto, Cutrofiano, Zollino, until 29 October, will host artists of strong appeal, protagonists of a varied program that crosses genres, from classical – which remains the heart of the review – to jazz and blues, with forays into pop music and traditional and in theatrical storytelling.

The third appointment, one of the most anticipated of the review, will be Sunday 10th September at the Cavallino Bianco Theater in Galatina: Lola Astanova arrives with the Concerts of the Chiostro Ensemble directed by Cinzia Pennesi (9.00 pm, entrance fee). This is the only date in Italy of the talented and seductive Uzbek pianist. She is particularly known for her interpretations of Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff, who literally set social networks on fire with a talent as staggering as her physical beauty…

At the age of 6 Lola Astanova enters the V. Uspensky School of Music for gifted children in Tashkent; she subsequently studied with Tamara Popovich. He continued his studies in Moscow, studying at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory with Maestro Lev Naumov, who described his talent as “rare and truly brilliant”, adding that “Chopin played by Lola is simply exceptional” so much so that in 1996 she won the International Chopin Competition for young pianists in Moscow and in 1998, she appeared in the UNESCO documentary titled “The Prodigies of the Twentieth Century”.

In 2003, the extraordinary Lola Astanova emigrated to the United States. Thus, in October 2007, she became the protagonist of the classic Superstars Fantasy concert alongside Valery Gergiev and the Kirov Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater, presented by the famous ABC television host, Regis Philbin.

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In 2012, the Uzbek pianist made her debut at Carnegie Hall in a special gala concert Tribute to Vladimir Horowitz, presided over by Donald Trump and presented by Academy Award winner Julie Andrews.

Among her prestigious symphonic collaborations, Lola includes the Eduardo Marturet and the Miami Symphony Orchestra, Ramón Tebar and the Palm Beach Symphony, and Gerard Schwarz and the All-Star Orchestra.

His performance of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” with Gerard Schwarz and the All-Star Orchestra in the All-Star Orchestra’s special “Visions of New York” received the 2016 Emmy Award.

In June 2012, Lola was named one of Limelight magazine’s top 10 classical music style icons, for her style and appearance, often wearing high heels and tiny mini skirts. She expressed her love of fashion by stating that “some amazing artists” work in this field. Vogue, People, Haute vie and Quest have already published photos of her, often on the front page!

Through her social networks, Lola Astanova regularly produces outstanding video transcriptions on the theme of popular tunes, including the Christmas classic “Jingle Bells” or Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music”. In 2016 you signed a superb arrangement of Liszt’s “La Campanella” in duet with an electric guitar.

Lately, Lola has produced music and a clip with the great tenor Andrea Bocelli entitled “The journey into the theater of silence”.

The festival continues Thursday 14 September in Zollino, common for the first time in the review circuit. At 21.00 in Villa Comunale GeGè Telesforo Sestet with Bigmama Legacy.

We could define the new project of the multi-decorated Foggia vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer, popularizer, author and conductor of the most loved radio and TV musical programs by music lovers in our country as a return to the origins. returns on record and in concert with a personal tribute to the blues and to the sound of the formations of the jazz-groovy period of the late 50s of Blue Note Records. GeGè Telesforo – BIG MAMA, this is the title of the new album produced for the Groove Master Edition label, in international distribution from next spring, with some singles that will anticipate the publication in the first months of 2023. With BIG MAMA, GeGè Telesforo also wants celebrate the most active and loved Roman music club by musicians from the end of the 80s until its final closure due to the pandemic. “I heard the “call of the wild”, after having dreamed, during the pandemic, of playing an irresistible shuffle-blues at the Big Mama in Trastevere with all my friends present. Duke Ellington said: -Tonight, we will play you some blues, and some…not blues!.- Good. That’s what we’ll do too.” Waiting for the new record release on all digital and vinyl platforms, with a staff made up of some of the best Italian talents of the new generation.

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The lineup: GeGè Telesforo, vocals & percussions; Matteo Cutello, trumpet; Giovanni Cutello, alto sax; Christian Mascetta, guitars; Vittorio Solimene, organ & keys; Michele Santoleri, drums.

All the info on the XXIII edition of the I Concerti del Chiostro Festival can be found on the website and on the IG and FB social pages I Concerti del Chiostro.

Info on 3314591008 (𝗱𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲 𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝟵:𝟬𝟬 𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲 𝟭𝟮:𝟬𝟬, 𝗱𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲 𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝟭𝟳: 𝟬𝟬 𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲 𝟮𝟬: 𝟬𝟬) and [email protected].

Tickets for paid shows can be purchased on

The XXIII edition of the Festival I Concerti del Chiostro, recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture, enters the Single Fund for Entertainment, supported by the Puglia Region.

It is organized by the Musical Association I Concerti del Chiostro, with the contribution and patronage of the City of Galatina, the Municipality of Soleto, the Municipality of Cutrofiano and the Municipality of Zollino, with the patronage of the Conservatory of Music “Tito Schipa” of Lecce and in collaboration with the Unesco Club of Galatina and Grecìa Salentina.

In addition to the evening appointments, all at 9 pm, the I Concerti del Chiostro 2023 Festival offers a series of matinees for schools, continuing to pursue the goal of bringing the public closer to classical and author music starting from the awareness of the most young.

The 2023 billboard is the result of the work of the new board of the Musical Association I Concerti del Chiostro now chaired by Antonio Palumbo.

The artistic direction is by Luigi Fracasso, pianist and teacher with active concerts all over the world, creator and guide of the festival since the first edition.

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