Never use this old grandma method when you have an earache

The ear is a very delicate organ. When it hurts you need to consult a doctor to understand what it is due to.

The causes of pain can be many and external to the organ such as: reflex otalgia, a problem that affects the temporomandibular joint, or, for those who smoke, a neoplasm of the pharynx or larynx.

Sometimes, in an attempt to solve the problem, one might resort to home remedies handed down by word of mouth. If some of these have a grain of truth, it is not the case with what we will see, which can even turn out to be counterproductive.

In this article we will see why on earth to use this old grandma method when you have an earache.
Never use this old grandma method when you have an earache

The best known grandmother’s remedy, unfortunately, is not the only one, is the one that consists in the use of two drops of hot oil to be inserted into the ear.
It is a method that does not bring any benefit. In fact, the eardrum does not allow oil to enter the ear and the heat of the oil could inflame it more.
Keep in mind that the ear lubricates itself. The ceruminous and sweat glands, epithelial cells and sebum produce earwax which is made up of an oily substance.

In the event that we feel pain in the ear, it is good to consult a doctor who specializes in otolaryngologist. Once diagnosed with otitis, he will prescribe the appropriate treatment.
Otitis is not a minor disease, it is an ear infection, and in most cases it affects the middle part of the organ. The culprits are usually bacteria, and if it is poorly treated, it could even spread.

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That’s why you should never use this old grandmother’s method when you have an earache.

Although it is the best known, it is not the only home remedy proposed

On the web there are several alternative remedies for earache. In addition to the aforementioned hot olive oil, compresses with a sock containing a cup of hot rice or salt or even the use of an onion are recommended. However, both these and the other chiropractic remedies are completely useless, if not counterproductive.

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