Neuaubing – popular area – Munich

The sports field on Überlinger Weg is in great demand. It actually belongs to the middle school on Reichenaustrasse, but the school only uses the site to a limited extent due to the distance. Especially since there are also sports facilities on the school premises. According to information from Aubing’s local politicians, the school management would be “ready to hand over this school sports field to the municipal department” – on condition that they can continue to use it if necessary. The area could then be opened to the public. Not far from the sports field are the communal accommodation on Mainaustraße and several houses under the “Living for All” concept, the residents of which would be happy to receive an approved use. However, headmistress Gerda Godau does not want to confirm this admission to the SZ – she is not making any statements to the press, she says.

In the department for education and sport it is emphasized that renting the space is already possible today. “In addition to the middle school, the sports field is also used by the IG Intercultural Encounter and Education,” says spokeswoman Julia Mayer. Interested parties can contact the department via e-mail at [email protected] Regardless of this, “it will be examined to what extent there is a possibility of handing over parts of the site for public use, for example”.

It would then also have to be clarified who will take care of the cleanliness of the sports field in the future. Because the football pitch, accessible to everyone through the fence that has been torn down in several places, is often dirty. In the past few weeks he had “picked up bags of rubbish”, says Green Party politician Siegfried Liedl. In order to contain this problem, says Mayer, rubbish bins have already been set up. “And signs that indicate the private character of the property and the prohibition of unauthorized use.”


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