Networks and flexibility, the Obm Home recipe (31/03/2021)

Thirteen complicated months. Many have passed since the beginning of the Covid pandemic and have put many projects to the test. For Obm onlus, the association that for 16 years has been a point of reference and help for the families of children admitted to the Buzzi Children’s Hospital in Milan and which since 2009 has developed a welcome program – which has grown over the years – he wanted to say adapt the Obm Home project to new needs.
The president Angela Bosoni, during a press conference he recalled why the program was born Obm Home “For a specialist hospital like Buzzi having a reception system is an essential complement and a very important element of social equity”. The reception, first with a house, now with five, was born with the intention “to allow even those who live far from the Buzzi Hospital to access the services and specialist care that this hospital offers to mothers and children. Later, as the Obm team lives the hospital reality every day, the project has expanded and changed in real time, in response to the needs of patients who come to a maternal and child hospital and their families. It is thus created, in “normal” times, an articulated and flexible system, which in the extraordinary time of Covid proved to be precious and made it possible to resolve some totally unpredictable and decidedly critical situations ».

The operational director of Obm Antonella Conti who explained how of the approximately 70 thousand minors who arrive in Lombardy in search of specialized care 4 thousand are welcomed at Buzzi coming from outside the province, from other regions and even from abroad. And obviously with the children there are the parents “from 2009 to 2020 we hosted over 1000 families, for an average of 6 nights of overnight stay. From this year we can offer 5 houses, 10 lodgings for 3,650 days of hospitality».
In March 2020, Covid broke out on the Obm Home accommodation “In the first phase we had families who could no longer return home due to the lack of flights, then there were women who gave birth but there was the problem of having family members positive at home and never as in recent months “underlined Conti”the ability to network with other realities present in the hospital and in the area proved to be successful: to get the shopping to arrive thanks to the Milano Aiuta initiative, to remedy the closure of the reference hotels for families who would normally have been able to afford it … “the operational director listed, recalling how the welcome offered by the Obm Home project is free and addressed above all to nuclei in difficulty. Another characteristic that makes the project special is its flexibility since it must be addressed to three different types of guests: children hospitalized in urgency, mothers and children in programmed hospitalizations and children forced to recurrent hospitalizations. This has led the Association to create different environments that recreate the warmth of home, to allow, in the free time from care, to recreate a climate and a state of mind of greater tranquility and well-being. The association becomes, for all these families, a precious partner of their experiences outside the home: a concrete help for every practical or emotional need.

During the press conference, the regional councilor for family and social solidarity Alessandra Locatelli also spoke, underlining the importance of dealing not only with the disease but with the person, while the regional councilor Stefano Bolognini for metropolitan city development stressed the characteristic of the Ambrosian welfare evident in the association’s reception program due to the presence of institutions and private social, private individuals and foundations. Maurizio Beretta, president of Unicredit Foundation and Filippo Petrolati, director of the Milan Community Foundation also took the floor. Some Buzzi health workers also made their contribution as a witness.
In closing the meeting, Antonella Conti wanted to look ahead to the next few years: “We will need a couple of more accommodations, but above all we will need more assistance because we are going through a period of more widespread poverty and for this reason we have created a fund to being able to enrich hospitality with help “.

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