Neto, the rescue dog dies after serving for nine years

Member of the Canine Rescue Unit of the National Association of Departmental Municipal Firefighters, he served for nine years.

According to information published on Facebook by the group of firefighters, the dog was trained and developed skills to detect buried or lost people in large areas.

“Today he is waiting for us and together with the other rescue dogs, including Fox with whom they had missions in the country together, they are waiting for us on the other side of the river to reach Mictlán,” says the message from the lifeguards.

Neto participated in various search missions for missing persons.

“May Neto SARK9 rest in peace”, this is how the firefighters say goodbye to the rescue partner who left an indelible mark.

Neto participated in several rescue emergencies. (Free Press Photo: Taken from Cbmd Santa Isabel Villa Nueva)

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