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The Dutch community wellness authority reported on Sunday that 13 people in the Netherlands have so far examined favourable for the new variant of the coronavirus.

There have been 61 favourable situations of COVID on two separate flights from South Africa, which landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport on Friday, with 13 of them contracting the new variant.

Individuals who have tested beneficial are held in solitary confinement in a lodge in the vicinity of the airport.

“In our investigation of the sequencing of the virus, which is however ongoing, we have so significantly discovered 13 scenarios of the Omicron variant amid the favourable tests (COVID-19 travellers),” the National Institute for Well being (RIVM) mentioned in a assertion.

“Urgent ask for” to get the test

Dutch Well being Minister Hugo de Jonge designed an “urgent ask for” to individuals returning from southern Africa to undertake the test “as before long as probable”.

“It is not unthinkable that there are more situations in the Netherlands,” De Jonge advised reporters. “We are apprehensive”.

“What is actually important now is that we retain our wrists on our wrists and in move with the sequence,” he included.

jsi / wmr (AP, Reuters, AFP)

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