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Net One Systems Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takashi Takeshita) has 74 Katsushika Ward schools (49 elementary schools, 24 junior high schools, 1 special needs school) for learning activities and school affairs. In addition to building a comprehensive school education system to be used for office work, we will provide a one-stop service “School ICT Support Center” (hereinafter, “Support Center”) for faculty members, children and students to use ICT smoothly, and “Katsushika”. We fully support the promotion of “GIGA School”.
In addition, the introduction of tablet terminals for each person in accordance with the “GIGA School Concept” advocated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the development of a high-speed, large-capacity communication network environment, and the placement of ICT support staff in each school, etc. We are also building a stable support platform that supports smooth operation.

In Katsushika Ward, the service desk, ICT support staff, system maintenance contracts and businesses involved in system maintenance and operation were separated, so it was a long-standing issue that centralized support could not be provided to schools. .. To solve this problem, we have introduced a support center that provides one-stop support for the use of ICT by faculty members, children and students.

■ Features of this platform
The support center is a “service desk” that centrally receives inquiries related to ICT from each school, “ICT support staff” that support the utilization of ICT in the field, and a network server platform that requires advanced skill sets. We have built a support platform that integrates the three functions of “specialized engineers” to maintain the above, and have realized unified support for the utilization of ICT in schools.
Net One Systems not only supports the development of ICT infrastructure related to school education, but also cooperates with “service desks,” “ICT support staff,” and “specialized engineers” from daily maintenance and operation to responding to the needs of each school. , Together, we provide services that support the utilization of ICT by faculty members, children and students.
This service was the first to realize the stable support platform that supports the smooth operation of the terminal environment for each person, which is the goal of the “GIGA School Operation Support Center” indicated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

1.Realization of an operation system that includes ICT support staff and service desks
In addition to the “service desk” that serves as a contact point for faculty and staff, the “specialized engineer” that manages the operation of the system, the “ICT after-school help desk” that supports the use of ICT at home, and the “GIGA” that promotes the use of tablet terminals. By assigning a dedicated operation management manager to the support center consisting of “school supporters”, integrated management and prompt information linkage are realized.
In addition, ICT support staff under the direct control of the support center are assigned to work with engineers with advanced expertise. As a result, ICT support staff can acquire the expertise to support faculty and staff, and through ICT support staff, it is possible to pick up issues and improvement requests in the educational field and respond promptly. rice field. In the 3rd year of Reiwa, when the full-scale operation of each tablet terminal began, ICT support staff are assigned to each school five days a week.
Regarding operational issues and requests that occur in such a support system, countermeasures will be examined at a weekly operational review meeting with the ward, and ICT support staff will act as the executors of the countermeasures. We are promoting the smooth utilization of ICT in Japan.

2.Realization of a network that can be used comfortably and safely
A network environment that complies with the “Guidelines for Educational Information Security Policy” by completely renewing the school education comprehensive system (teacher terminal, virtual desktop platform for school affairs, school affairs system and learning system, etc.), which is the ICT platform used by faculty and staff. Is realized. Specifically, each network of “school affairs”, “school affairs information”, and “learning” is separated by the virtualization technology of the communication management firewall, and the communication between each network is managed and controlled.
In addition, in order to support the high-speed, large-capacity communication network that accompanies the GIGA school concept, we reviewed the network environment and increased the Internet connection bandwidth. As a result, we have improved the limitation on the number of simultaneous terminals that could be connected, which was an issue, and created an environment where children and students can use tablet terminals without restrictions in the school.
In addition, we utilize the cloud-managed Wi-Fi “Cisco Meraki MR Series” to provide a network environment that children and students can comfortably use for Internet access and learning systems. As a result, more than 40 tablet terminals can be connected simultaneously per classroom, and all educational content such as videos can be viewed at the same time. In addition, when children / students browse websites from tablet terminals, we have introduced cloud-type filtering software to ensure safety, and when accessing web contents on the Internet, we will go to inappropriate sites or dangerous sites. By blocking the connection of, we have realized an environment where children and students can use the Internet with peace of mind at school and at home.

Net One Systems will support the promotion and acceleration of digital transformation of education in Katsushika City by utilizing the latest technological trends and information and communication technology.

■ Customer comments

We have received the following comments from Mr. Taisuke Egawa, Chief of Education Information Section, Guidance Office, Katsushika City Board of Education.
“In Katsushika City, in March 2019,” We have formulated the Katsushika Educational Informatization Promotion Plan, and are working to promote educational informatization with this plan at the core.
In order to promote the use of ICT in the field, it is essential that the Board of Education and the school work closely together. To strengthen cooperation, it is important for the Board of Education to clearly show the school a vision, accurately grasp the school’s needs and issues, and respond promptly. With this in mind, the ward introduced the Katsushika Ward School ICT Support Center, which centrally handles service desks, ICT support staff, and system maintenance in line with the replacement of the comprehensive school education system. In order to maintain an environment where faculty members, children and students can comfortably utilize ICT without any inconvenience, the business operator and the ward cooperate with the business related to system maintenance and operation, and support the school as a whole. It is necessary to go.
In the future, we will continue to share the vision that Katsushika City aims for with Net One Systems Co., Ltd., to ensure stable operation of the system, and to always face the issues that occur every day from the perspective of the school site, and provide push-type support before the voice is raised from the site. We would like to realize a system that allows us to do so, and together we aim to realize an ICT environment that children and teachers in Katsushika City can utilize with peace of mind. “

Outline of “Katsushika Education Informatization Promotion Plan”

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