Nena: Corona scandal on Mallorca – musician colleague makes her announcement

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Pop singer Nena is not a fan of the Corona rules. This not only causes trouble for concert organizers, but increasingly also for colleagues from the music industry.

Dortmund – It’s hard to believe: Nena (61, 99 balloons) played a concert on Saturday evening (August 28) in Mallorca and largely adhered to the organizer’s corona rules. RUHR24 * knows that this was not always the case in the end.

singer Chick
Born March 24, 1960 (age 61), Hagen
Partner Philipp Palm

Nena plays a concert in Mallorca after the corona scandals

A concert in Berlin in particular made headlines recently. The organizer’s hygiene concept stipulated that all visitors had to stand or sit in separate boxes. But some fans left the boxes and were then warned by stewards. Nena criticized this live on stage.

The native of Hagen has already received the receipt for this. An organizer from Wetzlar canceled a planned Nena concert at short notice *. Nena’s attitude did not match the format of the event, it was said. The controversial singer was still allowed to perform on Mallorca at the weekend. There she could at least rehabilitate herself to some extent.

Nena makes her opinion on Corona rules clear again – but the concert in Mallorca was without incident

At a “picnic concert” on the golf course in Andratx in the west of the Balearic island, Nena joked several times about the Corona rules and made it clear that concerts under these conditions did not really suit her taste. However, there was no major scandal in connection with the appearance (more celebrity news * at RUHR24).

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“Do you think that’s all right? It doesn’t matter either, it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about whether we enjoy this here and somehow make the best of it, ”said the singer loudly Mallorca Newspaper at the appearance. But when Nena performed the song “Miracles Happen”, she exhausted the hygiene concept.

The 61-year-old left the stage and ran across the area where the visitors were sitting on picnic blankets. According to image she hugged some fans and encouraged them to get up and celebrate. Some fans followed the request and followed Nena as she walked through the ranks. But that didn’t lead to any problems.

Bosse criticizes Nena after the Corona scandal at the concert: “I find it incredibly irresponsible”

Organizer Roland Michael later told the imagethat the temporary excursion to the audience had been agreed. “It was a great concert, the atmosphere was good and Nena and the audience were in a good mood. There were no incidents, Nena was fun on stage, Nena followed all the rules and it was a great atmosphere. “

Although the concert in Mallorca went reasonably smoothly, musician colleagues are mad at Nena after the past corona scandals. Pop singer bosses (41, Best time) recently participated in an interview spot on news clearly what he thinks of his colleague’s behavior.

Can only roll his eyes at Nena: Pop singer Axel “Aki” Bosse

© Swen Pförtner / dpa

“At Nena I can only roll my eyes,” says Bosse. Especially at the scandal concert in Berlin, Nena risked the cultural industry being damaged. This could mean that the concerts can no longer take place. “I find that incredibly irresponsible. Apart from the health problems. “

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Nena endangers the whole cultural industry: Pop singer Bosse raises serious allegations

Bosse himself is a friend of the Corona-compliant concerts. The main thing now is to get the industry rolling again. “You really feel alive and I know from experience, because I’ve played so many concerts now, how happy people are that there is culture again,” said the 41-year-old.

The musician is especially happy for the people behind the stage. At his own concerts, compliance with the corona rules would therefore have top priority. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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