Neapolitan Gipsy Jazz: guided tour and jazz aperitif

Sold out for Saturday 15 al Seventeenth-century complex of San Nicola da Tolentino (steps San Nicola Tolentino 12, near p.zzetta Cariati and central funicular at Vitt. Emanuele II – last run 2.00 am) will be repeated on Sunday 16 at 20.30 the new event license plate Jazz neighborhoods and B&B Casa Tolentino.

The Neapolitan band in addition to their albums will also play some tributes from their inspirer and teacher Pino Daniele.


A panoramic convent located on the slopes of the San Martino hill close to the Spanish Quarters. An oasis of peace and tranquility away from the chaos of the city, not well known but which hides many surprises such as a beautiful garden with its four levels declared a “national monument” in addition to breathtaking views over the gulf and the Neapolitan hills.

The traces of the Church of San Nicola da Tolentino date back to the early 1600s when it was built by the monks of the Augustinian Order who were then forced, by an eruption, to leave their Herculaneum complex, and expanded this structure in 1631 until to turn it into a large monastic complex.

Thanks to the guided tour you will be able to discover the internal rooms, retracing the history of the convent and the small picture gallery set up with the masterpieces that once were in the church and also go up to the roof of the structure, where we will have a privileged view of the San Martino vineyard, the Certosa and Castel Sant’Elmo, as well as Chiaia that will open under our feet.

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The event is organized by the cultural association Quartieri Jazz in partnership with B&B Casa Tolentino, a cooperative of warm and competent young people, who have recovered the structure with the aim of enhancing the territory and promoting aggregation. Here hospitality is a sacred value!

The Concert | Neapolitan Gipsy Jazz

With a rich, warm and overwhelming sound, let yourself be carried away by the music in one of the most evocative locations of the Neapolitan panorama, where the sound is amplified and envelops the listener like a white blanket. Accompanying the evening will be the sound of Mario Romano with his manouche guitar, Gianluca Capurro on classical guitar and Ciro Imperato on bass.

Formula of the evening

The evening includes a tantalizing one welcome drink, guided tour of the complex and to follow the concert of the Jazz Districts.

Where to park: Garage Green Parking Naples – Vittorio Emanuele, 596 – Telephone: +39 081418515

OFFICIAL VIDEO: (Galleria Borbonica)

Concert in the Monumental Complex of San Nicola da Tolentino: prices, times and dates

When: Sunday 16th January at 8.30pm

Where: Casa Tolentino (steps San Nicola Tolentino, 12 – Naples – near the central funicular V. Emanuele)

Ticket price: aperitif + guided tour + concert 20 €

Contacts and information:

Info and reservations tel. + 39- 340.489.38.36 and / or send mail a

Facebook event:

Official site:

To participate in the event it is necessary to show the super Green Pass at access and the ffp2 mask.

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