Nawa Region: Education, environment and social, the new priorities of the Regional Council

Over the next three years, the Nawa Regional Council plans to invest more in the areas of education, environment and social issues. These are the main points to remember from the second ordinary session of the year of the Regional Council which was held this Friday, August 5, 2022, at the meeting room of the headquarters of the community, in Soubré, capital of the region. .

Education is therefore a priority for the Nawa Regional Council over the period 2023-2025. This involves improving access to school infrastructure, namely primary schools, colleges and school canteens in several localities, including Mabéhiri, Badayo, Dapéoua, Gnamangui.

These school facilities will be equipped with tables and benches to enable students to learn in good conditions.

The second priority will be the environment, to which 15.74% of the budget will be devoted each year. The institution wishes to take an active part in the effort to restore the forest cover through tree planting operations planned throughout the Nawa.

The fight against deforestation in Côte d’Ivoire is close to the heart of the President of the Regional Council and former Minister of Water and Forests, Alain-Richard Donwahi, who chaired the session. Last May, he was elected president of the COP15 on the fight against desertification and drought for his strong involvement in actions to restore forest cover.

Finally, with regard to social matters, which is the last major priority, the council intends to continue its actions through the granting of financial aid and subsidies to low-income households.

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In addition, the regional councilors approved the revision of the budget for the year 2022. Compared to the first budget validated during the first session of the year, this modified budget is down 2.77%. And this is due to the contradictions between the new revenue recorded in operation, such as the operating surplus of the 2021 management and the reduction in the amount of credit carryovers in investment.

During this session, the mid-term review of the actions of the Regional Council for the current year was presented to the many participants, including representatives of the prefecture, elected officials, executives and traditional chiefs of Nawa.

This assessment is assessed at an execution rate of 41.49% as of June 30, 2022 in operating expenses and 2.76% in investment expenses. According to President Alain-Richard Donwahi, this low rate of investment is the result of “the delay in the approval of the budget by the supervisory authorities”.

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