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The Austrian national soccer team landed on the Sunday after the end of the European Championship at Innsbruck Airport. The players were welcomed like winners after the 2-1 defeat against Italy (after extra time).

More than 100 fans, Innsbruck’s Mayor Georg Willi and Vice Chancellor and Sports Minister Werner Kogler (both Greens) congratulated them on the great performance at the EM.

Sports Minister Werner Kogler was very impressed by their performance in his speech to the kickers on the tarmac. When he got off the plane, he personally congratulated all those involved with a fist greeting due to the corona.

After the EM on vacation

The charter plane from London landed shortly before 1.30 p.m. The players were celebrated by the onlookers present before they got on the bus to Seefeld after the short speeches to pack their things in the EM quarters and say goodbye on vacation. Kogler asked her to look to the future with optimism. “I suppose the disappointment is there, but many in Austria have the feeling that something is growing together, something will happen.”

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Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and Innsbruck Mayor Georg Willi congratulated the Austrian national soccer team

History made despite EM-Aus

The quarter-finals next Friday in Munich did not go out. “But 2024 (European Championship in Germany) will certainly work out and before that the World Cup will probably also be possible,” the minister said confidently. Italy, the unbeaten favorites in 31 games, were brought to the brink of failure. “That is also football history from an Austrian perspective.”

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