National Education. Teachers in EPS, how do they view their profession today?

After the remarks made by Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, at the end of the last Olympic Games, three generations of teachers in EPS, physical education and sports, deliver their feelings about their profession today.

Pierre Lorentz, Céline Clausen and Jean-Michel Grienenberger are teachers at Sonnenberg high school in Carspach. They immediately reframe the conversation: “We are not sports teachers, but rather physical education teachers!”. They are unanimous when they specify: “The” S “of EPS is not used much because we are physical educators and not sports educators or then really very little. According to them, there is often confusion, so it is important to distinguish between what sport is and what physical and sports education is. Sport is practiced in clubs, physical and sports education is practiced at school. “Let’s not mix everything up! »Exclaim the three colleagues.

Team work

For Jean-Michel Grienenberger, “EPS and the sports world no longer have much to do with each other. In sport, we aim for results and we give ourselves the means to achieve them, while in physical education and sports we train future citizens. The sporting aspect is only one of the two aspects of the discipline and it is the lesser; physical education is much more important. ” Céline Clausen then talks about her career which led her to the profession of teacher in EPS. “The STAPS (sciences and techniques of physical and sporting activities) branch is not only intended to train future teachers of PE. We can also move towards other professions such as educator or sports coach. Teacher of EPS, it is 5 years of studies and a competition to pass. ” Pierre Lorentz, who recently entered the profession, underlines the versatility that the PE teacher must have. “I have to be able to adapt to the establishment in which I teach and the equipment that is available to me. For example, here at Sonnenberg high school, orienteering is an essential activity given our work environment and the size of the terrain. Fortunately, PSE is also teamwork with colleagues who are very supportive, especially at the start of their career. “

It will be understood, at school, no search for great performance, no great sportsmen, but a culture and an openness to physical education. Teaching PE is therefore more than a job: a passion.

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