Nation and Tiflonexos united to guarantee the right to education of students with visual disabilities

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Ministry of Education has implemented a series of resources and tools to guarantee the right to education for students throughout the country, which includes those People with disabilities. In this sense, the work carried out by the Tiflonexos Civil Association stands out, which accompanied the actions implemented by the national educational portfolio to ensure access to materials by students with visual disabilities.

Within the framework of the project “Accessible school books on the first day of classes” carried out by the Tiflonexos Civil Association, Tiflolibros Library, they have made each of the notebooks in the Seguimos Educando Series accessible in four presentations (rtf format with and without images and epub format, with and without images).

The Association has not only collaborated in terms of publications, but also provided input to train, from its experience, the workers of the Ministry of Education on accessibility strategies and tools to take into account when generating accessible content. This was possible thanks to Tiflonexos and the Inclusive Cinema Group of Rosario, in a joint effort with the Argentine Federation of Institutions for the Blind and Amblyopic (FAICA), which once again gives an account of its commitment.

The contributions that the Tiflonexos Civil Association makes to make the guarantee of rights to the visually impaired population effective, has been continued in different actions that the Coordination of Special Education, dependent on the Undersecretary of Educational Management and Quality, is carrying out. Specifically, we are currently referring to the work that is being carried out to make the notebooks of the “Reencuentros” Series accessible to the visually impaired and other materials and training proposals for the future that have been jointly projected.

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