NArFU announces additional enrollment for state-funded places in a number of areas · News of Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk region. Online edition DVINANEWS

The university summed up the interim results of the 2022 admission campaign.

Currently, the acceptance of documents in the institutions of secondary vocational education, as well as under the programs of master’s and postgraduate studies continues. At the same time, the commission decided to announce an additional recruitment from August 10 due to the increase in budget places in some areas: mainly engineering and natural sciences.

Applicants who, for various reasons, did not have time to submit documents, can again participate in the competition and enter the university for state-funded places of full-time education.

Additional enrollment has been announced in 30 areas of undergraduate and specialist studies, among them: Earth Sciences, Construction, Thermal Power Engineering and Heat Engineering, Biotechnology, Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Pedagogical Education and others (training in Arkhangelsk ), as well as “Mechanical Engineering”, “Shipbuilding, Ocean Engineering and System Engineering of Marine Infrastructure Facilities” and “Pedagogical Education” (in Severodvinsk). A complete list of areas of study is published on the university website.

Until August 17, the acceptance of documents from graduates of secondary vocational education will be organized, and from August 18 to 22, entrance examinations will be held.

Acceptance of applications from applicants based on the results of the Unified State Examination (school graduates) will continue until August 22.

Competitive lists will be published on August 23. Enrollment will take place: on August 24 – within the framework of quotas and on August 25 – for state-funded places.

You can submit an application for admission and documents to the university admissions office in the regional center (Arkhangelsk, emb. Northern Dvina, 17) or in Severodvinsk (Severodvinsk, Kapitana Voronin st., 6), as well as through the service “Personal account of the applicant » on the NArFU website. Any questions about the admission procedure, areas of training can be asked by phone 8-800-222-0611.

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Press Service of NArFU

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