“Napoli will have one more ‘tifoso’ with Barcelona in Maradona”


Diego Loving Maradona, former player of the FC Barcelona and of Naples In the 80s of the last century, he declared that in the mourning of Champions League who among his former teams will settle the classification for the final phase of Lisbon will go with the Italians. “The blues will have one more ‘tifoso’ in Maradona,” he said. Stefano Ceci, agent of the Argentine, to Radio Kiss Kiss.

One of the 10 most legendary of all time left a strange memory between 1982 and 1984 in Barcelona, ​​where a hepatitis, a serious injury and the beginning of a dissolute life outside the courts weighed more than a Cup, a League Cup and his punctual flashes of genius.

Diego Armando Maradona, at Barça

Instead, in Naples Maradona is still more than 30 years after his passage a divinity, who preserves large urban murals in his streets in tribute to the leader who gave the San Paolo club two ‘scudetti’ and a UEFA Cup,

'El Pelusa', in a Naples-Juventus

‘El Pelusa’, in a Naples-Juventus

Undoubtedly, this legacy weighs on the preferences of Maradona, who according to his representative predicted “a very open game” at the Camp Nou after the 1-1 recorded in San Paolo in the first leg of these round of 16 tournament. “The team of Gattuso can try the feat, also looking at the performance of the Azzurri team in the first leg ”.

It is not confirmed that Maradona will watch Saturday’s match on television, but his spokesman did make it very clear that “Naples will have one more fan.” Apparently, as little as he can, he will follow. “Maradona does not miss a single game of his favorite team,” he continued. Ceci recalled that, unlike in the capital of Campania, “Diego’s experience in Barcelona was particular, he escaped after his ankle injury and hepatitis. Love did not arise. In Naples, on the other hand, it has become what we all know, “he concluded.

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